Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanksgiving Prep

I'm pretty excited about Thanksgiving this year. Not only will we be hosting the wonderful feast at my home and seeing as I enjoy hosting that is already a bonus for me, but we'll also be having my in-laws coming into town!! They don't live in the area at the moment and this will be the first year in 7 years that they'll be having Thanksgiving in Virginia!

So like any traditional hostess I'm already starting to make the preparations for the family gathering. This past week I did the necessary fix-it items that would help make the place perfect for their arrival. I painted my hallway a vintage gray to mimic my wonderful friend Shelley over at The House of Smiths color palette. I also painted the side wall in my dining area. It was covered in wood-not paneling-like from the 70s and it needed an update bad! So again, taking inspiration from my friend I painted it a light blue to go with the rest of the house. I've also started the "big" cleaning projects. You know the ones, where you scrub the window panes type stuff. Things most people don't really look at, but if you're having guests for a week you think "why not?" And finally (yes, I'm an overachiever) I rearranged the furniture to give the space a whole new look. :)

This upcoming week I'll be preparing the house in other ways including some little decor items. Now, I'm not a person who decorates for every holiday. I just don't. But since we'll be having a larger crowd this year (and when I say larger, I mean like 8-10), I thought it would be nice to have a few decor items to remind us of why we're eating the amazing food. lol. I took to the Intranet and looked for easy items that I could assemble to give the place a little holiday feel. Here's what I've come up with...

I'm going to print and frame this printable, from, for all to see:

And finally, I'm going to follow the instructions that TheEnglishPea provided for a Thanksgiving Banner to go over the dinner table!

I wish everyone a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving! While I only talked about the trivial things leading up to Thanksgiving in this blog, I'll be posting what Thanksgiving really means to me, I'm truly thankful for, this upcoming week! <3

Monday, October 10, 2011

My Yarn Wreath

So after posting the idea to create the yarn wreath, I went home and started on my creation. I was tweaked the instructions slightly to make do with what Michaels had. I'm sad to say they did not have a straw wreath and given my intense desire to start working on the project I opted for a foam circle instead. It was a little more straight with the edges, but I took sandpaper and sanded it to be round like a wreath.

Given that this was my first wreath I didn't want to assign it for a specific idea. So I selected colors that I liked just to see the combination. Here is my progress (remember, this is using the instructions from Take Heart which were really easy)....

Cut the felt according to the instructions to start the roses

The final product! The yarn part was easy, sat in front of the tv & did.

The pretty roses! After gluing I felt they needed something so I
bought pins w/pearls on the end. Sweet & perfect!

I am super happy with the final result and already have another order. My mom, of course she loves my "work", said she'd like for me to make her one. Plus, now I know how to do it I'm thinking a holiday one will be perfect for my front door!!

So what do you think....don't quit your day job, or not too shabby? :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

DIY Yarn Wreaths

Ever since we started doing this DIY video series at work I have been dying to do my own yarn wreath. I have seen so many variations, including some on Take Heart and don't even get me started on Home Made Crap (graphic below).

The owl one in the middle is amazing!!
So this weekend I'm taking the challenge and doing the yarn wreath. I'm going to Michael's Arts and Crafts right after work so I can get started this evening. The Take Heart post that I linked to has a really simple tutorial, so I think I can manage.....I'm pumped. If it turns out well, I'll be sure to post photos!!

Hope everyone else has a terrific weekend as well. :)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

30 Before 30 List Update!

I have another update for yah'll! Remember my 30 before 30 list? Well, I've got a couple updates to that list.  Thus far I have completed the following (those crossed through):

1. Get another dog (Bailey needs a playmate)
2. Mend broken relationships
3. Do a full marathon (run/walk)
4. Take a cake decorating class
5. Take the next step in my career (management)
6. Buy a new car (that I LOVE)!
7. Have a professional maid come in and clean my house
8. Do a home renovation project on my own!
9. Become a mom
10. Create a piece of art (painting or drawing) I’d be willing to hang in my house
11. Get back into scrapbooking; make scrapbook of home renovations
12. Pay off my student loans
13. Read the Bible cover-to-cover
14. Finally be happy with my body
15. Redo two bathrooms in my home (gut & start over) RENOVATED ONE BATHROOM, SO 1/2 A POINT! ;)
16. Visit all the wineries in Virginia (that’s 156 wineries)
17. Go to Boston and see the RED SOXs play
18. Do another tropical vacation
19. Go camping
20. Not have a farmer’s (soccer) tan for one summer!
21. Take a cooking class with Ryan
22. Go on vacation and bring Bailey
23. Paint a mural on a wall in my home (future baby Luce room)
24. Take one full day to watch old classic 80’s movies (This list looks good:
25. Keep a plant alive for longer than 1 week!
26. Convince in-laws to move back down to Virginia
27. Get a Smartphone
28. Run in a race with Ryan (5K, 8K, 10K…whatever!)
29. Make my own greeting cards for every occasion
30. Throw/host an elaborate black-tie affair! (Perhaps for my 30th Birthday)
So my two updates to this list would be #7 and #20.
I have successfully gone one summer without getting a farmers tan! While it may not sound impressive, it really is. You're talking to a girl who played soccer her entire life. HER ENTIRE LIFE! Those knee high socks to cover shin-guards just do not let sunshine through; therefore, I have lived with a wonka tan for most of my life. This summer I started off great laying out by the pool with friends. That wore off as the summer progressed, but I was diligent in the sunscreen department and viola! No farmers tan. Next year I think I can do better; I want to go for a sun kissed glow all over! ;)

My next update, and one I'm most excited about, is I got my house professionally cleaned!! I know it seems rather frivolous but it was something I've wanted for a long time. I have a lot of pride in my home. As such, I want it taken care of. But with so much else going on personally, it was nice to have it taken care of for me...and by a professional! Signed up for four hours worth of cleaning. We had to go through and remove knick-knacks to help reduce the time spent on removing personal items by the individual so the real stuff could get cleaned. Tell you what, there are so many small spaces in my house I just don't want to clean....i.e. bathrooms. The professional spent time in there and you can tell. It was so shiny and white! :) I smiled as soon as I walked into the house. Oh and the appliances....they never looked so good. 
So yup, slowly but surely I am knocking things off my list!! I have three more years to knock the rest off there too.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Anniversary Date

Ryan and I just celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary! I can hardly believe it, we've been together 81/2+ years and married for 4! I can still remember our first date (don't ask me what movie it was). When I look back at all of the events we've celebrated together, it's crazy. I mean, I was dating him when my brother graduated high school!!!! My brother is married and a father of two boys now. I am astonished that I was able to find the love of my life so early on; it allows me to spend more time with him & enjoy even more memorable events.

Anywho, enough with the sappy stuff right? lol.  We decided to celebrate our anniversary in style. Typically we go to PF Chang's, which is my all time favorite Chinese restaurant, but instead we ventured to a place we've never been. We decided to dine at Bone Fish Grill!

We had an amazing time! The food was delicious, I had the Imperial Longfin which was pan-seared, baked, stuffed with shrimp, scallops, crab meat and lemon caper butter. It was positively scrumptious. And to complement my dinner I had a nice glass of red wine. What? Red wine! I ate fish. I know, I broke the "rules" on that one but I wanted a nice glass of dry red wine & damn it I was going to have it! ;)

So here is the bottle of red wine I tried...

It was called Hayman & Hill Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve
Selection Napa Valley 2007

In Bone Fish it was $7 per glass, as a surprise my hubby bought me the bottle the night after for about $15!! I just finished the bottle yesterday and it was bold, complex, and structured, yet smooth on the finish.I really enjoyed it and will be adding it to the "list".

After dinner we grabbed Dairy Queen (I'm a sucker for their blizzards) and headed home to watch "our shows". Big Bang theory was all new and it was a requirement to watch with the Baileybear!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Super Cute Printables

What are Printables you ask? A printable is something that's ready to print from your web browser. They are popping up everywhere on the internet and in all sorts of really cool fashions!

Take a look at my Pinterest friend Shaunna West (I like to think we’re friends because we have similar tastes, plus she’s pretty awesome…just like me!) :) She shared this awesome site, Chicabug, which has tons of really great printables for any occasion you can think of!

What if you want something for your home? I love what Eighteen25 has shared:

Or if you have a cool party you’d like to add a bit of glam to (example Cinco de Mayo), check out the printables that TomKatStudio so graciously shares on

With the upcoming holidays, get your own creative gift tags from Chicabug!

I don’t have any plans for a holiday party at this time, but should any friends of mine want to throw one (hint, hint) I’m game for lending my skills in the printable department. :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Projects for the Weekend

I've just gone done traveling to Arizona for a work conference and I'm ready for my weekend to come. I have a lot on my mind in the way of DIY projects. I went to Lowest the other day to try and accomplish this one project that I saw on the Crafty Scrappy Happy blog, but I didn't see any racks that would work. But sadly it didn't work out, none of them were "wowing" me with the character of the one pictured. So I moved on....

That being said, I recently saw this idea on Pinterest (we all know it's my  latest obsession) that I think would be a perfect solution. It meets the criteria of being funky as well as functional, and I'm sure I can score some awesome frames from my go-to place T.J. Maxx. It's from a crafty blogger,

So that's on the agenda for this weekend. I've already assembled a shopping list, which I'm sure Ryan will be pumped for; this girl just returned home & she's ready to get moving! Hope this energy lasts for all the projects I have in mind for the weekend. LOL :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

International Delight Chats

I'm really starting to get more involved in chats online, I've attended an #interdesignchat on Twitter and now I'm going to try and sit on the Internation Delight Chats online. Here's some information about the one tonight!


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pinterest: My latest Obsession

Pinterest is a new obsession of mine.  Pinterest lets you “pin” things from around the web on virtual pin boards.  You can create as many boards as you want and share them with others.  My boards are Chihuahuas, I love the Beach, Home Decorating, Entertaining, Just too Skin Cute and DIY crafts. Each time you pin something you can give it a description and tags if you want. Pinterest does the rest and automatically cites the source and provides a trail to get back to the original.  

I really like Pinterest because I come across random crafts or pictures that spur an idea for something I want to do. This site really helps me grab all of the great ideas I find and keep them around so I actually put them to use…someday soon!

In addition to finding little “to-do” projects, Pinterest is a great place for to collect images that says something about yourself. Kind of like an identity board.  It’s really cool all the pictures you can “pin” to keep inside your board. 

If you’re on Pinterest or looking to join, be sure to hit me up! It would be nice to see all your pinning items. :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

If I Were Knocked Up

Okay, so before everyone sends me comments, Facebook messages, Tweets, emails or texts-I am NOT pregnant!!! But I do know some people who are (Congrats to all of them!) and as such I've thought about how I would tell people if I were knocked-up. I saw this photo on, which I pinned as a reference, which totally sparked my desire to do something like this when I tell Ryan.

So I googled "big brother dog shirts" to see what kind of options would be available if/when it comes time for me to be knocked up. And the selection is HILARIOUS!! Here a couple that would be great ideas, should you want to use  option:

These are from but I'm sure there are others out there. Just a neat little idea, if I say so myself. :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The One that Got Away

The other day I was on my morning walk with Bailey and I saw on the side of the road these two blue shutters. I remember thinking 'hum, I can do something with those.' But I kept walking Bailey and forgot when I got home. I'm sad to say that those shutters are no longer there and I keep thinking about all the fun DIY activities I could have done with those shutters. Man, what ashame I didn't grab them. Could have been a sweet addition to my house, even though Ryan would have flipped!

So while I did not get to do my DIY shutters, I thought I'd share some ideas I've found online, from &, to recycle them:

Shelf - Two shutters can be attached vertically at a 90 degree angle. Then screw several triangular shaped boards to create a corner shelf. Three shutters can be put together as with the pedestal, but with rectangular shelves inserted into the space for a wall or floor shelf.

Fireplace Screen - Place hinged panels on the base of the fireplace. Shutters offer a great cover to add interest to an otherwise unattractive area.

General Decor - Old shutters can be used to frame mirrors or any other item that you would like to highlight. Use of window shutters as design components can be used with eclectic, cottage, or shabby chic decors.

Message Board-Create a message center using old shutters. Mount shutters to the wall in a kitchen, laundry room, foyer or other area where there's a lot of family traffic. Use slots in the shutters for storing mail, invitations and memos.

Friday, September 2, 2011

DIY Desire-Laundry Nook

I have a very small laundry's almost a closet to be honest. It's positioned in a hallway right outside my kitchen and it has two shelves that really don't do much for storage. It probably wouldn't be such a huge issue, but since it's right off the kitchen and we lack a pantry this space has been taken over by multiple items that don't belong.

Given the misuse of space, it has become an eye sore. So much so I had to install a curtain to hide it from my sights (see below)...

But that's not what I want it to look like. My ideal laundry nook would be pretty enough to stand on it's own. No hiding for it! But sadly that is just in my dreams...the hubby doesn't think it's an important part of the house to dedicate attention (and financial resources) to. I disagree, of course, as I am the one who goes in it at least twice a day! (Again, it has many functions which makes it unavoidable in every day life.)

Here is what my ideal kitchen nook would look like (if it was ideal, ideal I'd have a laundry room which would have a heck of a lot more stuff but let's be real...nook is all I've got):

I would have to remove the washer and dryer and take down the shelves. I would put up grasscloth wall paper to give it some texture in addition to the outdoor element. I would get cabinets put up to hide the random items while still looking clean. The shelves in the middle would be for small items that aren't terrible looking and need easy access, like my dogs treat containers! The addition of the drawers at the bottom would be for storage of my laundry supplies and socks whose partners have run away.

It's not the best looking thing in the world, but I like the simplistic look of it. I would even have a cute little sign like this (below) to spruce it up decor wise!

A girl can dream..... :)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Harry Potter Obsession

Look how young they look!!
Now when you read that title, don't think that I've gone crazy and create a Harry Potter room or anything. (Which, by the way Ryan's grandfather has actually done. Very cool looking with bedding, all sorts of memorabilia and artwork. Next time I visit I should totally post photos!)

Nope, my Harry Potter obsession is in regards to the books. With the last movie being released I feel a sort of nostalgia for Harry, Ron and Hermione when they were little. The fresh, new and timid wizards just starting out and learning the magical aspect of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry. I know so many people who have read the books and I foolishly thought I would be content with just watching the movies. That is no longer the case. My Harry Potter reading obsession is taking on new life. I have felt this way about reading since the Twilight books were published (don't laugh). I have read a total of three books thus far and I started reading them almost two weeks ago! I am certain that within another two weeks I will have finished the series. It's crazy. Ryan says they are "easy" reads which is why I'm breezing right through them. Be that as it may, I'm still kicking butt reading up on these crafty young fellows.

I've known this with my Nicholas Sparks reading habits that a lot of times the books give a lot more details than the movies; obviously so since a book can go on forever while the movies have limited time to catch the audience and deliver it's message. And it's true with the Harry Potter series as well. There are a lot more details in the books and some "nuggets" that I found very interesting. Such as a Squib which is a child of magical parents but has no magical powers him/herself. I knew the term Muggle and Mugblood, but not Squib.

Anywho, I'm really digging the series and recommend to anyone has not yet read them to hop on it!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

True Blood Phenomenon

Do you watch #TrueBlood?

While writing about my Harry Potter Obsession I was reminded of the magical aspect of wizards and witch craft. And as I started typing I remembered that some of these "magical creatures" are not viewed as enchanting as Harry Potter. Case in point, True Blood. Now for those of you who do not watch this television series on HBO-shame on you-it's about vampires, shape shifters, witches, fairies and ware-panthers...

Taking place in Bon Temps, LA this show goes into the good, the bad and the UGLY about each of these mythical creatures. I have been a faithful watcher since the first season and it's gotten better and better!

Snookie Stackhouse-she's what every creature wants! First it was Bill Compton, a handsome vampire who was her fiance, then it's Eric, another vampire who we see a new side of this season and I have a feeling Alcide, who is a werewolf, wants her as well. Snookie is a telepathic waitress who also appears to have fairy blood in her which makes her all the more desirable to vamps. She seems to get caught up in all sorts of trouble all over Bon Temps and is miraculously saved each time. This girl has gumption that's for sure. And just for kicks, you've gotta watch/listen to this video Snoop Dogg did for Snookie.

Bill Compton-this handsome 173 year old vampire is absolutely in love with Snookie Stackhouse. Even though they are not together this season, due to his string of lies, there is no doubt that their love still runs deep in both of them. He was recently promoted to King of the vampires in Louisiana and power looks look on Bill! He is Jessica's maker and has a strong bond with her (lucky her)! With his new responsibilities he has the difficult task of defending his kind against witches who can bewitch vamps to do as she commands.

Eric Northman-he's handsome and mischievous. In the previous seasons he was bad and darn good at it. This season he has forgotten his past life due to a witch's spell which erased his memory. We get to see Eric's soft side with his memory being erased and apparently we are not the only ones taken for a ride. Snookie has let her guard down and is now with Eric. But I'm still waiting for the shoe to drop on his new "human" side. Eric is Pam's maker.

There are tons of other really great characters including Lafayette, Jason, Tara and Sam Merlotte. You can learn all about them on the website or by watching the show on HBO (or It's definitely for adults only, so get the little tykes off to bed before you turn it on!

Enjoy... =)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Lake Tahoe Trip

I'm currently in the beautiful Lake Tahoe for the MediaPost Social Media Insider Summit and I have to say, it's gorgeous here!

I'm attending the summit as a work trip and I am glad it's in such a beautiful place. The taxi ride from the airport was long, about an hour, and very twisty with the mountain roads, but the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Lake Tahoe is incredible. The lobby when you walk in is very rustic and full of charm. The staff is super friendly and all the outdoor activities...oh my!

This conference varies from all the other conferences I've attended. Majority run sessions from 8:00am till 6:00pm or later. This conference runs educations sessions in the morning and just after lunch you break for outdoor activities. Yesterday there was a catamaran trip or horseback riding and today was ATVs and golf. Sadly I was not able to do any of those activities....the ATV ride was booked (with a waiting list) before I got a chance to register. Yesterday I tried to go hiking in one of the 10 trails they advertise. There was only one within walking distance of the hotel, hello-no car, and after about 40 mins of walking trying to locate the trail I turned around and walked back! But I did get to explore some of the beautiful landscapes that Lake Tahoe has to offer. Across the street is a beautiful beach looking over the lake (pictures below) and my stroll through the neighborhood provided an interesting insight into residences inside Incline Village, NV. (VERY COOL)

Its been a great conference and I've learned a few things (typed up a few pages of notes), but I'm ready to go back home. I've been traveling since last Friday and there is nothing I'd like more than to lay on my comfy couch with Ryan and Bailey...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

30 Before 30 List Update: New Car

Bringing it back old school, do yah'll remember my 30 before 30 list? Well, I've got a couple updates to that list.  Thus far I have completed the following (those crossed through):

1. Get another dog (Bailey needs a playmate)
2. Mend broken relationships
3. Do a full marathon (run/walk)
4. Take a cake decorating class
5. Take the next step in my career (management)
6. Buy a new car (that I LOVE)!
7. Have a professional maid come in and clean my house
8. Do a home renovation project on my own!
9. Become a mom
10. Create a piece of art (painting or drawing) I’d be willing to hang in my house
11. Get back into scrapbooking; make scrapbook of home renovations
12. Pay off my student loans
13. Read the Bible cover-to-cover
14. Finally be happy with my body
15. Redo two bathrooms in my home (gut & start over) RENOVATED ONE BATHROOM, SO 1/2 A POINT! ;)
16. Visit all the wineries in Virginia (that’s 156 wineries)
17. Go to Boston and see the RED SOXs play
18. Do another tropical vacation
19. Go camping
20. Not have a farmer’s (soccer) tan for one summer!
21. Take a cooking class with Ryan
22. Go on vacation and bring Bailey
23. Paint a mural on a wall in my home (future baby Luce room)
24. Take one full day to watch old classic 80’s movies (This list looks good:
25. Keep a plant alive for longer than 1 week!
26. Convince in-laws to move back down to Virginia
27. Get a Smartphone
28. Run in a race with Ryan (5K, 8K, 10K…whatever!)
29. Make my own greeting cards for every occasion
30. Throw/host an elaborate black-tie affair! (Perhaps for my 30th Birthday)

Okay, so my first update to this list would be.....I BOUGHT A NEW CAR!!! :) Yup, Ryan and I are the proud new owners of a 2011 Nissan Rouge! Here are some photos of what it looks like (camera on phone is broken so can't send my exact car photos). 

Two Saturdays ago I went for a test drive with my mother (been trying to test drive multiple car makers to narrow down the search). Ryan had mentioned the Juke & Rouge, so I went to test them out. The Juke is a fun car! With turbo and it's small like stature, it's a great car to ripe around and go crazy; however, not exactly the upgrade I was searching for as far as space. The Rouge however, is amazing! As soon as I started driving it I was amazed at how easy it was to drive! I immediately went home and asked (more like BEGGED) Ryan to come up to the dealership to see it. It's pretty much a blur after that....he said we could look at the financing and BAM...we bought a spanking NEW car!!!

We are beyond excited for this newest addition! My little Hyundai will be retiring soon, we're giving him away to charity so he can help someone else. We were actually so excited about our new car that we drove it on vacation this week....yup, all the way to Indiana!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Beautiful DIY Dresser/TV Stand Complete

In my previous post I wrote about my dresser/tv stand purchase and how my tastes were changing. This past Saturday I picked up the dresser and immediately began working on it. It took two days, but its finished! Take a look...

Remember what the before photo looked like:

I'm very pleased with the results. There were so many combinations that ran through our head once we got the colors picked out (which took a while as well). Although it took two days to finish, it really was very easy! I cleaned off the furniture with a Clorox Wipe and let it dry. Then I removed the drawers and handles and placed them on a separate blanket for painting. I used a combination of spray paint and regular paint. The light color is Valspar Ivory and the green is a Valspar Spray Paint called Evergreen. I proceeded to spray paint the green on the stand. Once dried, I taped around the green (on the sides) and painted the ivory. Given the original gold color, this required a couple coats. Then I put a clear coat on it!

I went  to Lowes to look at handles and pulls but I didn't see any I liked that would also match the style of the stand. So I just painted the existing handles. I didn't get 100% coverage (on the inside) but I like the imperfect nature of it. I like the distressed look but didn't incorporate it in this piece, maybe on my next project (I have a bench I'm very interested in painting)!

 Positively Splendid

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Table Centerpiece Creation

Remember when I went to that consignment shop and picked up that rocking chair which I made beautiful with a little sweat and spray paint? (If not, see my First DIY Project blog) Well, while I was at that store I also picked up this super cool mason jar that was in the shape of a pitcher (if you recall I also LOVE mason jars).  So I made it into a centerpiece for my table. Something simple, but I really like the effortless look of it…

Lots of shells surrounding it

Simple and clean! Love that consignment shop find. :)

The shells were purchased at Michaels for $5, the plate was purchased at Target for $10 and the pitcher was $5 at the consignment shop. About $20 for the centerpiece which I plan on using in multiple ways for the different seasons….picture flowers for spring, sand for summer, a red floating candle in water for winter. The options are endless!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Eclectic Tastes

I think I may be maturing. Why do I think that you ask? I’m starting to see my tastes change. As we grow older and take on more of life’s experiences obviously we are going to perceive things differently and bring that experience into other areas of our life. Well, I’ve been married for almost four years. Have a precious “baby” Bailey and have lived in our house for close to 3 years. I’m settled into my career and really enjoy what I do. I’m content with my life. And that’s a great thing!
So what am I getting at? My comfort in my life is translating into my home d├ęcor style. When I first got out of my parents place I brought all new things at a local furniture store. It had to be new and it had to match. After all, this was my first adult-like purchases. We’ve moved several times since then and we’re settled into our home. Now, however, I look at my home and think of ways to personalize it to match our style (that is a perk to home ownership)! Case in point is the Fireplace Reno. We took an unused fireplace and made it useable space by mounting our television on the wall. Adding an accent color to the space and gave functionality to the room. 
In my attempt to give New Life to Old Frames I made a collage on my wall. It’s a mix match of frame styles and colors as well as other art pieces arranged in an off-centered manner. The old me would have measured and make sure it was asymmetrical; whereas, the new me loves the eclectic mix. That same diverse mentality has focused on a new television unit. With the television mounted on the wall, I want a new TV stand to sit higher and offer more storage. And no box furniture store unit is going to do! Instead I took to Craigslist (a new found love which I will write more on later) and found this amazing piece…

Ryan is keen on the gold, but we'll see how it works.
Maybe pick up flex from our picture frames!

Yes, it is a dresser but I'm re-purposing it!

Debating on painting the handles to a pewter color. May look sharp!

Look at the amazing detail. Seriously...

Not that great of a picture, but I'm thinking it'll look
perfect in the living room!

I pick it up tomorrow and I am super pumped about it! I love the movement and curves and the antique nature is exactly what I wanted. This piece will give the room character! And for the price, even if the paint is badly chipped and in need of repair I can certainly do that & come well under any entertainment stand I’ve seen in department stores! This is definitely a score for me. 

If I decide to change it up, I'll be sure to post the before & after photos! :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Calling all Design Peeps!

In my attempt to give New Life to Old Frames I took two picture frames that I had and painted them a color I thought would look great for my NEW living room space (see Fireplace Reno blog).  So I gave the frames new life and arranged them, with other items, on my wall. I have to say, I’m pretty pleased with the results. But I feel like it’s not done! HELP!

A future DIY project is going to be gluing shells to the glass of some frames, got it from this blog. But do I need something on the right side above my painted frame? I kinda like the off-balanced look, but don’t know if I need to tie into the golden frames on the other side….Thoughts?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Yup, It’s that Kind of Day

Everyone knows I love my puppy! I mean, he’s the best…right! I’m serious when I state that my husband and I call each other “Mommy” and “Daddy” and talk for Bailey in conversations. Like I’ll say “Bailey, whatcha doin over there cutie?” To which Ryan will replay “Bailey says ‘Don’t you worry about that Mommy…mind your own business!’” That type stuff. It’s a hoot “mouthing-off” to one another through the dog; if you haven’t tried it, you should! I mean, who could stay mad at a cute puppy face. :)

Anywho, it always cracks me up when I see Bailey chillin’ on HIS recliner. (Yes, he has a seat dedicated to him. Bless his heart; he loves this old white/brown/grungy chair. I’m trying to get rid of it, but his father (aka my husband) is desperately afraid that it’ll make Bailey sad. So it stays….for now!)  So I see him relaxing, because he has such a stressful life, on his chair and had to snap a photo…

I mean his body and face just scream “it’s been a long one!” I’ve had those days when you’re like ‘leave me alone…I need to rest.’ But come on. He is just A-RIDICULOUS!