Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Table Centerpiece Creation

Remember when I went to that consignment shop and picked up that rocking chair which I made beautiful with a little sweat and spray paint? (If not, see my First DIY Project blog) Well, while I was at that store I also picked up this super cool mason jar that was in the shape of a pitcher (if you recall I also LOVE mason jars).  So I made it into a centerpiece for my table. Something simple, but I really like the effortless look of it…

Lots of shells surrounding it

Simple and clean! Love that consignment shop find. :)

The shells were purchased at Michaels for $5, the plate was purchased at Target for $10 and the pitcher was $5 at the consignment shop. About $20 for the centerpiece which I plan on using in multiple ways for the different seasons….picture flowers for spring, sand for summer, a red floating candle in water for winter. The options are endless!

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