Monday, October 10, 2011

My Yarn Wreath

So after posting the idea to create the yarn wreath, I went home and started on my creation. I was tweaked the instructions slightly to make do with what Michaels had. I'm sad to say they did not have a straw wreath and given my intense desire to start working on the project I opted for a foam circle instead. It was a little more straight with the edges, but I took sandpaper and sanded it to be round like a wreath.

Given that this was my first wreath I didn't want to assign it for a specific idea. So I selected colors that I liked just to see the combination. Here is my progress (remember, this is using the instructions from Take Heart which were really easy)....

Cut the felt according to the instructions to start the roses

The final product! The yarn part was easy, sat in front of the tv & did.

The pretty roses! After gluing I felt they needed something so I
bought pins w/pearls on the end. Sweet & perfect!

I am super happy with the final result and already have another order. My mom, of course she loves my "work", said she'd like for me to make her one. Plus, now I know how to do it I'm thinking a holiday one will be perfect for my front door!!

So what do you think....don't quit your day job, or not too shabby? :)


  1. great job Gillian! i think it would look perfect on your front door! love the flowers!

  2. Beautiful! Love the colors. I went to Michaels this weekend looking for berry garland to make a wreath and everything was gone! So sad. Maybe next year.