Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Super Cute Printables

What are Printables you ask? A printable is something that's ready to print from your web browser. They are popping up everywhere on the internet and in all sorts of really cool fashions!

Take a look at my Pinterest friend Shaunna West (I like to think we’re friends because we have similar tastes, plus she’s pretty awesome…just like me!) :) She shared this awesome site, Chicabug, which has tons of really great printables for any occasion you can think of!

What if you want something for your home? I love what Eighteen25 has shared:

Or if you have a cool party you’d like to add a bit of glam to (example Cinco de Mayo), check out the printables that TomKatStudio so graciously shares on

With the upcoming holidays, get your own creative gift tags from Chicabug!

I don’t have any plans for a holiday party at this time, but should any friends of mine want to throw one (hint, hint) I’m game for lending my skills in the printable department. :)

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