Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Beautiful DIY Dresser/TV Stand Complete

In my previous post I wrote about my dresser/tv stand purchase and how my tastes were changing. This past Saturday I picked up the dresser and immediately began working on it. It took two days, but its finished! Take a look...

Remember what the before photo looked like:

I'm very pleased with the results. There were so many combinations that ran through our head once we got the colors picked out (which took a while as well). Although it took two days to finish, it really was very easy! I cleaned off the furniture with a Clorox Wipe and let it dry. Then I removed the drawers and handles and placed them on a separate blanket for painting. I used a combination of spray paint and regular paint. The light color is Valspar Ivory and the green is a Valspar Spray Paint called Evergreen. I proceeded to spray paint the green on the stand. Once dried, I taped around the green (on the sides) and painted the ivory. Given the original gold color, this required a couple coats. Then I put a clear coat on it!

I went  to Lowes to look at handles and pulls but I didn't see any I liked that would also match the style of the stand. So I just painted the existing handles. I didn't get 100% coverage (on the inside) but I like the imperfect nature of it. I like the distressed look but didn't incorporate it in this piece, maybe on my next project (I have a bench I'm very interested in painting)!

 Positively Splendid

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