Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Gallery Wall Update

Gallery walls have been huge in home decor this year! I took my first stab at a Gallery Wall awhile ago, and our wall has been like that since but now it's time for a change. I mean look at the amazing gallery wall in Shelley's House of Smith's home. With those as inspiration, mine needed to be revamped big time.

For my birthday my lovely sister-in-law bought me the amazing pictures I wanted for the guest bedroom revamp, and instead of using them for the guest bedroom I decided they were just TOO good looking to keep in that room! I mean come on....look at them again!

So with that, I decided to make a different gallery wall type thing for our living room. I wouldn't really call it a gallery wall per se, I think it has too much symmetry and is only 5 frames but I still like it.

On the hunt for inexpensive frames I was on my way to TJMaxx but stopped by Garden Ridge just to check it out. I don't go to Garden Ridge typically....actually, I never go there. But for some reason I had a hunch to stop by & Jiminey Crickets I'm stoked I did! I found four silver frames that were perfect for the 5x7 pictures for $5 each; but I took the photos that were suppose to be in the guest bedroom. So now I am going to use the left over frames/photos from the gallery wall in that room {another post}.

This is in our entry way!

In addition to sending the four 5x7 photographs, the seller also sent two 4x6 photographs. I used those in a frame for our entry way, so I can seem them each time I walk in the house. :) So what do you think? I'm pretty happy with it but it takes some getting use to since the previous one had TONS of photos to look at. But I think the new and improved wall has prettier photos!