Friday, September 2, 2011

DIY Desire-Laundry Nook

I have a very small laundry's almost a closet to be honest. It's positioned in a hallway right outside my kitchen and it has two shelves that really don't do much for storage. It probably wouldn't be such a huge issue, but since it's right off the kitchen and we lack a pantry this space has been taken over by multiple items that don't belong.

Given the misuse of space, it has become an eye sore. So much so I had to install a curtain to hide it from my sights (see below)...

But that's not what I want it to look like. My ideal laundry nook would be pretty enough to stand on it's own. No hiding for it! But sadly that is just in my dreams...the hubby doesn't think it's an important part of the house to dedicate attention (and financial resources) to. I disagree, of course, as I am the one who goes in it at least twice a day! (Again, it has many functions which makes it unavoidable in every day life.)

Here is what my ideal kitchen nook would look like (if it was ideal, ideal I'd have a laundry room which would have a heck of a lot more stuff but let's be real...nook is all I've got):

I would have to remove the washer and dryer and take down the shelves. I would put up grasscloth wall paper to give it some texture in addition to the outdoor element. I would get cabinets put up to hide the random items while still looking clean. The shelves in the middle would be for small items that aren't terrible looking and need easy access, like my dogs treat containers! The addition of the drawers at the bottom would be for storage of my laundry supplies and socks whose partners have run away.

It's not the best looking thing in the world, but I like the simplistic look of it. I would even have a cute little sign like this (below) to spruce it up decor wise!

A girl can dream..... :)

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