Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The One that Got Away

The other day I was on my morning walk with Bailey and I saw on the side of the road these two blue shutters. I remember thinking 'hum, I can do something with those.' But I kept walking Bailey and forgot when I got home. I'm sad to say that those shutters are no longer there and I keep thinking about all the fun DIY activities I could have done with those shutters. Man, what ashame I didn't grab them. Could have been a sweet addition to my house, even though Ryan would have flipped!

So while I did not get to do my DIY shutters, I thought I'd share some ideas I've found online, from eHow.com & AllAboutShutters.com, to recycle them:

Shelf - Two shutters can be attached vertically at a 90 degree angle. Then screw several triangular shaped boards to create a corner shelf. Three shutters can be put together as with the pedestal, but with rectangular shelves inserted into the space for a wall or floor shelf.

Fireplace Screen - Place hinged panels on the base of the fireplace. Shutters offer a great cover to add interest to an otherwise unattractive area.

General Decor - Old shutters can be used to frame mirrors or any other item that you would like to highlight. Use of window shutters as design components can be used with eclectic, cottage, or shabby chic decors.

Message Board-Create a message center using old shutters. Mount shutters to the wall in a kitchen, laundry room, foyer or other area where there's a lot of family traffic. Use slots in the shutters for storing mail, invitations and memos.

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