Monday, June 27, 2011

First DIY Project

So I've been craving a little craftiness activity (to which my husband responds 'we just painted the bedroom!' blog to come). I want to take someone's "trash" and make it into a TREASURE! Some of my best girlfriends have done this with much success so I wanted to try my hand at it!

So on Saturday with my girlfriend Missy in tow, we went to a consignment shop off Volvo Parkway. Don't be fooled by the outside, it's a small little shop but packed to the brim. Tons of stuff piled up from floor to ceiling...tons of great stuff too! And all at 50% off. That's dangerous words to a girl who's on the hunt for a do-it-yourself challenge. :)

I ended up buying a few cute items, one in particular is a rocking chair. I apologize for not having the exact photo, apparently the camera on my phone agreed it was so horrible looking it refuses to show it anymore! ;)

Picture Pepto Bismol color by fading & underneath color showing
So I took this wonderfully pink creation and turned it into a shabby chic creation with spray paint called Eden! I just whipped the chair clean with a rag, water and soap. Then used a fine sander (I like the "worn" aspects) just enough for the paint to stick. After wiping off the sand particles, I used a spray paint primer to cover the pink. After waiting twenty minutes for it to dry, I took charge of changing the color! I am so pleased with the results...

First view
Second view

This was just my first, but certainly not my last! I already have in mind my next DIY project for the house....this wooden bench inside the guest bedroom. With me on the loose, no furniture is safe! Mwuahahaha! ;)

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