Wednesday, August 24, 2011

True Blood Phenomenon

Do you watch #TrueBlood?

While writing about my Harry Potter Obsession I was reminded of the magical aspect of wizards and witch craft. And as I started typing I remembered that some of these "magical creatures" are not viewed as enchanting as Harry Potter. Case in point, True Blood. Now for those of you who do not watch this television series on HBO-shame on you-it's about vampires, shape shifters, witches, fairies and ware-panthers...

Taking place in Bon Temps, LA this show goes into the good, the bad and the UGLY about each of these mythical creatures. I have been a faithful watcher since the first season and it's gotten better and better!

Snookie Stackhouse-she's what every creature wants! First it was Bill Compton, a handsome vampire who was her fiance, then it's Eric, another vampire who we see a new side of this season and I have a feeling Alcide, who is a werewolf, wants her as well. Snookie is a telepathic waitress who also appears to have fairy blood in her which makes her all the more desirable to vamps. She seems to get caught up in all sorts of trouble all over Bon Temps and is miraculously saved each time. This girl has gumption that's for sure. And just for kicks, you've gotta watch/listen to this video Snoop Dogg did for Snookie.

Bill Compton-this handsome 173 year old vampire is absolutely in love with Snookie Stackhouse. Even though they are not together this season, due to his string of lies, there is no doubt that their love still runs deep in both of them. He was recently promoted to King of the vampires in Louisiana and power looks look on Bill! He is Jessica's maker and has a strong bond with her (lucky her)! With his new responsibilities he has the difficult task of defending his kind against witches who can bewitch vamps to do as she commands.

Eric Northman-he's handsome and mischievous. In the previous seasons he was bad and darn good at it. This season he has forgotten his past life due to a witch's spell which erased his memory. We get to see Eric's soft side with his memory being erased and apparently we are not the only ones taken for a ride. Snookie has let her guard down and is now with Eric. But I'm still waiting for the shoe to drop on his new "human" side. Eric is Pam's maker.

There are tons of other really great characters including Lafayette, Jason, Tara and Sam Merlotte. You can learn all about them on the website or by watching the show on HBO (or It's definitely for adults only, so get the little tykes off to bed before you turn it on!

Enjoy... =)

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