Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Table Centerpiece Creation

Remember when I went to that consignment shop and picked up that rocking chair which I made beautiful with a little sweat and spray paint? (If not, see my First DIY Project blog) Well, while I was at that store I also picked up this super cool mason jar that was in the shape of a pitcher (if you recall I also LOVE mason jars).  So I made it into a centerpiece for my table. Something simple, but I really like the effortless look of it…

Lots of shells surrounding it

Simple and clean! Love that consignment shop find. :)

The shells were purchased at Michaels for $5, the plate was purchased at Target for $10 and the pitcher was $5 at the consignment shop. About $20 for the centerpiece which I plan on using in multiple ways for the different seasons….picture flowers for spring, sand for summer, a red floating candle in water for winter. The options are endless!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Eclectic Tastes

I think I may be maturing. Why do I think that you ask? I’m starting to see my tastes change. As we grow older and take on more of life’s experiences obviously we are going to perceive things differently and bring that experience into other areas of our life. Well, I’ve been married for almost four years. Have a precious “baby” Bailey and have lived in our house for close to 3 years. I’m settled into my career and really enjoy what I do. I’m content with my life. And that’s a great thing!
So what am I getting at? My comfort in my life is translating into my home d├ęcor style. When I first got out of my parents place I brought all new things at a local furniture store. It had to be new and it had to match. After all, this was my first adult-like purchases. We’ve moved several times since then and we’re settled into our home. Now, however, I look at my home and think of ways to personalize it to match our style (that is a perk to home ownership)! Case in point is the Fireplace Reno. We took an unused fireplace and made it useable space by mounting our television on the wall. Adding an accent color to the space and gave functionality to the room. 
In my attempt to give New Life to Old Frames I made a collage on my wall. It’s a mix match of frame styles and colors as well as other art pieces arranged in an off-centered manner. The old me would have measured and make sure it was asymmetrical; whereas, the new me loves the eclectic mix. That same diverse mentality has focused on a new television unit. With the television mounted on the wall, I want a new TV stand to sit higher and offer more storage. And no box furniture store unit is going to do! Instead I took to Craigslist (a new found love which I will write more on later) and found this amazing piece…

Ryan is keen on the gold, but we'll see how it works.
Maybe pick up flex from our picture frames!

Yes, it is a dresser but I'm re-purposing it!

Debating on painting the handles to a pewter color. May look sharp!

Look at the amazing detail. Seriously...

Not that great of a picture, but I'm thinking it'll look
perfect in the living room!

I pick it up tomorrow and I am super pumped about it! I love the movement and curves and the antique nature is exactly what I wanted. This piece will give the room character! And for the price, even if the paint is badly chipped and in need of repair I can certainly do that & come well under any entertainment stand I’ve seen in department stores! This is definitely a score for me. 

If I decide to change it up, I'll be sure to post the before & after photos! :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Calling all Design Peeps!

In my attempt to give New Life to Old Frames I took two picture frames that I had and painted them a color I thought would look great for my NEW living room space (see Fireplace Reno blog).  So I gave the frames new life and arranged them, with other items, on my wall. I have to say, I’m pretty pleased with the results. But I feel like it’s not done! HELP!

A future DIY project is going to be gluing shells to the glass of some frames, got it from this blog. But do I need something on the right side above my painted frame? I kinda like the off-balanced look, but don’t know if I need to tie into the golden frames on the other side….Thoughts?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Yup, It’s that Kind of Day

Everyone knows I love my puppy! I mean, he’s the best…right! I’m serious when I state that my husband and I call each other “Mommy” and “Daddy” and talk for Bailey in conversations. Like I’ll say “Bailey, whatcha doin over there cutie?” To which Ryan will replay “Bailey says ‘Don’t you worry about that Mommy…mind your own business!’” That type stuff. It’s a hoot “mouthing-off” to one another through the dog; if you haven’t tried it, you should! I mean, who could stay mad at a cute puppy face. :)

Anywho, it always cracks me up when I see Bailey chillin’ on HIS recliner. (Yes, he has a seat dedicated to him. Bless his heart; he loves this old white/brown/grungy chair. I’m trying to get rid of it, but his father (aka my husband) is desperately afraid that it’ll make Bailey sad. So it stays….for now!)  So I see him relaxing, because he has such a stressful life, on his chair and had to snap a photo…

I mean his body and face just scream “it’s been a long one!” I’ve had those days when you’re like ‘leave me alone…I need to rest.’ But come on. He is just A-RIDICULOUS!

Fireplace Reno Complete

As I’ve mentioned in my previous blog “Bye-Bye Fireplace” Ryan and I were having work done to our house to get the ugly old fireplace out and finally be able to use that wall! After a week of renovations, the work is complete! Take a look at the changes…

Old Fireplace

NO fireplace! :)

With the placement of the television on the wall, we were able to rearrange the living room and really separate the two spaces (living and dinning areas). I am absolutely in love with the color (thank you Ryan) and am so happy with the results.
Next up? We are going to iKea this weekend to see about an entertainment unit. If we can’t locate anything, we’ll (I mean I’ll) be exploring the possibility of built-ins. :) Isn’t being a homeowner grand!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Laundry Bodyguard

Do you worry about your laundry after it's out of the dryer? Are you afraid that one sock will walk away? You're in luck! I happen to have the perfect laundry bodyguard. This protector is dependable, efficient and always willing to go the extra mile to keep your unmentionables safe.

One warning though....he is extremely cute and it's tempting to want to keep him! :)

Can you spot him? Sneaky, sneaky!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Life to Old Frames

So, I've been into this kick of DIY projects. I'm desperate to try and reinvent something new from something old. I like the fact that it's me doing the decision making, picking out colors and all that jazz. I also even like the "green" aspect with reusing something versus buying something new. I am literally applying that mind-set to various items we need around the house. Case in point....

In my living room are these four picture frames. I stare at them often and lately I have been looking at them and realizing they no longer fit my personality or style. So as Ryan was watching a movie on the couch, I take them off the wall. Pop the pictures and glass out and with a brush and spare can of paint start going to town! You should have seen my husband, he was like "what are you doing NOW?" :) Poor guy, didn't get a say in what I did. I sanded them and committed to changing the look of these frames.

This is me sanding the frames, prep for painting

The before and after
I am even creating a collage of frames that I'm going to partner these "new" frames with. Haven't hung them yet, but will show pictures when I reveal my brand new living room....

Yup, that's right. Tomorrow we'll be breaking ground to a new and improved living room. We are getting the fireplace removed, mounting the television, rearranging furniture and adding an awesome entertainment unit/built-ins! Can't wait to show off the new space. YAY!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Toddler Fever

You know that expression “Baby Fever”? Well, I’ve got Toddler Fever BAD!!
My precious little nephew came over to my house yesterday and spending time with him just reinforced my suspicions! I mean, take a look at this precious little guy….

Aiden & his Aunt Gigi

Not only is he absolutely adorable, and I’m not basis at all, but he’s such a well mannered little guy (that I have to give credit to his parents, my brother and his wife). He’s soft spoken and polite. Says his please or “peez” and thank you and is just all around fun to hang out with!
I love seeing him get into anything at my house. He naturally curious about everything and asks questions-which I love! Ah….to be so naive and learn for the first time what seems so automatic to me now…. What do you mean that’s an oven mitt? And it does what?
So anywho, yesterday he was over helping Grandpa, Daddy and Uncle Ryan mount my television to the wall. He showed up ready to go with a little flash light and small (talking miniature) measuring tape. He’s the cutest handyman I’ve ever had (maybe a close second to my husband…love yah babe)! ;) After he was done playing handyman, my nephew decided it was time to watch Veggie Tales with his Uncle Ryan. Here’s a photo of the two of them…

Uncle Ryan had his legs out, so Aiden does too! ;)

Gotta love how he imitates those around him. And like clockwork, when my nephew leaves the house I lean over to my husband and say “I want one of HIM!”