Friday, August 19, 2011

Lake Tahoe Trip

I'm currently in the beautiful Lake Tahoe for the MediaPost Social Media Insider Summit and I have to say, it's gorgeous here!

I'm attending the summit as a work trip and I am glad it's in such a beautiful place. The taxi ride from the airport was long, about an hour, and very twisty with the mountain roads, but the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Lake Tahoe is incredible. The lobby when you walk in is very rustic and full of charm. The staff is super friendly and all the outdoor activities...oh my!

This conference varies from all the other conferences I've attended. Majority run sessions from 8:00am till 6:00pm or later. This conference runs educations sessions in the morning and just after lunch you break for outdoor activities. Yesterday there was a catamaran trip or horseback riding and today was ATVs and golf. Sadly I was not able to do any of those activities....the ATV ride was booked (with a waiting list) before I got a chance to register. Yesterday I tried to go hiking in one of the 10 trails they advertise. There was only one within walking distance of the hotel, hello-no car, and after about 40 mins of walking trying to locate the trail I turned around and walked back! But I did get to explore some of the beautiful landscapes that Lake Tahoe has to offer. Across the street is a beautiful beach looking over the lake (pictures below) and my stroll through the neighborhood provided an interesting insight into residences inside Incline Village, NV. (VERY COOL)

Its been a great conference and I've learned a few things (typed up a few pages of notes), but I'm ready to go back home. I've been traveling since last Friday and there is nothing I'd like more than to lay on my comfy couch with Ryan and Bailey...

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  1. I love Lake Tahoe! It is such a beautiful spot. If you ski or snowshoe, make sure to return for a visit in the spring! Thanks for sharing your photos!