Thursday, May 10, 2012

Target Adventure Shopping

So this evening the hubby and I had a little date night. I came home from work, late as usual, but then I walked in through the front door & we went back out for dinner at Jason's Deli and then to one of my favorite places in the world....TARGET!! Whop whop. :)

I love going to Target. It's an amazing place to go for inspiration, whether you're looking for fashion ideas, gifts or home decor trends. I haven't been in a Target for probably two weeks (gasp!), so I didn't know they have "The Shops at Target" that they feature from other cities. For example they had a dog shop from a boutique in Boston or a Cos Bar (make-up & nail polish type stuff) from Aspen. But I saw two shops I absolutely loved....The Candy Store from San Francisco and Privet House from Connecticut.

I'm so giddy with excitement! Candy shop. :)

The hubby looking at the options.

Candy Galore
I didn't end up picking any candy out, because let's be honest I really don't need that candy in our house, but the story behind the shop is really cute...

Who else wasn't allowed candy as kids?

Looking so pretty & delicious!

I mentioned earlier there was another shop I loved...don't worry, I'll post pictures from this shop tomorrow. Ryan was SO irritated with me snapping pictures in Target. You'd have thought he was embarrassed by me or something! ;) Oh well, stay tuned for the awesome stuff from the Privet Shop....

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  1. LOVE this! Target is one of my favorite places on earth. The packaging is adorable.