Monday, May 21, 2012

Office Makeover: Gillian's Desk

Spring is here which means it's time to get my act in gear,  meaning I need to get myself organized. And one space that desperately needs it is the office. As I said in my previous blog, Ryan typically uses the office for his stuff but I'm about to invade the space (don't you just LOVE "personal space" in married life).

On our trip to iKEA a few weeks ago, we picked up some items to completely makeover our office. Boy am I excited to share the change as it's extremely exciting and relieving when a room comes together in a more functional and inspiring way. The first up for our office makeover? My desk...

While shopping at iKEA, we found office displays that had desks assembled with a top and various legs. You could select the color top and the style legs to create your own desk. Ryan wanted black and I wanted white; since I was the intruder, I compromised on the color. (I really wanted an apple green workspace, but that was quickly shot-down! So I pushed for a "traditional" color.) I asked my father to come over and help us assemble and he so willingly agreed (for a price, of course...hugs are the best & free to give out)! ;)

It's good to have a Dad help you

Drilling the plates for the legs

Every homeowners best friend

Two legs down, two more to go!

Ta DA! Here is my cute little desk.

Very pretty, can't wait to get it in the office.
Remember the before picture, when I didn't have any space to myself because of the dog's recliner or entertainment stand we needed to get rid of...

Well, here is my little home in the office. It's small but cute; I only need space for my laptop and this desk offers that perfectly. It'll be located right next to Ryan's, which will be the first time he and I will share a workspace in the 8+ years we've been together (WOWZERS).

I love my little area, very simple with the black and birch but can be given an extra punch with some accessories. I don't need much space on the desk itself because I'm going to have plenty of other options for storage (hint, hint). Stay tuned for the next up in our office cubes!! :)

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