Monday, May 7, 2012

My Trip to Maryland

This past weekend we went up to Maryland to visit my in-laws. It was a surprise for my FIL because his 50th birthday was yesterday (May 6th). We had orchestrated it with my MIL and I am pleased to report it was a complete surprise. The entrance wasn't exactly as we had hoped because he was actually out mowing the lawn when we pulled up!! Isn't that hilarious....on his riding lawn mower and saw us pulling up. SURPRISE! ;)

He was still surprised nonetheless, even with all the cleaning that was done to the house (not because their house was messy at all, they just moved my MIL into the house so there was TONS of boxes) which means our mission was a success. So as soon as we got there we whisked him away-after a shower-to iKEA! Yup, iKEA folks....I was PUMPED. We spent 4+ glorious hours shopping the home furnishings. I bought this awesome coffee table which rocks....

I absolutely love this coffee table and can't wait to put it together! I also bought some other items for our office, but that's for another post (as it'll be a little surprise)! Definitely spent a lot of money, but it was well spent. After we went to iKEA we had dinner in downtown Frederick. There was a festival going on which made it IMPOSSIBLE to park but we hunted down one garage that wasn't full and tried going to one restaurant to eat. After hearing they had a 2 hour wait we hopped across the street and stole a reservation for a table of 6 at this Italian restaurant (we didn't really steal it, the group was over 40 mins late so the manager gave it to us). It was hands down the best Italian I had in a long time. I had a spinach linguine with crab meat and pesto sauce. Really outside of the box for me, but I enjoyed it very much. My MIL, mom and I shared a bottle of white wine which was divine. :)

Here are some photos of our adventures for the day:

His Aunt Amy just LOVES putting clothes on him. He hates it, of course.

The hubs and I in downtown Frederick.

This isn't the restaurant we went to, but we've been here before...delicious.

Anybody want a treat??

Bailey says 'I do, I do!' ;)

Had to take a picture because these are some ugly shoes that my mom LOVED! Eek! They are UGGs to. :(

For my FIL's birthday we went out to Double TT diner for breakfast and then saw The Avengers. I really enjoyed the movie, it was very funny (Robert Downing Jr is freakin hilarious). I'm not going to share too much details, in case some readers do actually want to go see the movie, but I really hope they have a second movie. We did some more window shopping (after all I'm broke after that iKEA trip) and then headed out for the day. I ate way too much, spent way too much but it was a great weekend with the family!

Neat movie theater, huge space & two entrances to each theater. Nice for after the movie
when you need to go to the restroom (quick get-a-way)! ;)


Bailey & I saying good-bye as we head home!

Hope everyone else had a great weekend as well, if you feel like sharing I'd love to hear in the comment section.... :)

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