Friday, May 18, 2012

Decking Out My Yard

Yah'll remember me mentioning that my deck is getting overhauled, right? Well, it is and I couldn't be more excited about the transformation (new pictures coming) but I keep thinking about once it's complete. Whats the point of having a wonderful, new deck if you're not out enjoying it?

So the hubby and I have been looking at various furniture sets for the back yard to match the new deck we'll have. We stopped by one of our favorite places in the entire world....TARGET and found some really cute things to help "deck out" the space. (Don't you just love my play on words) ;)

The turquoise color of this patio set is divine, the comfort level isn't. :(

I would love to have these lanterns all along the back deck. With a little light in each one,
it would create an inmate environment for sure!

Ryan really liked this set; the mustard cushions were nice...

I love this pillow to have on outside furniture. Just one thing though, do you have to bring those in? I know they are for the outside, but won't they get gross after awhile?

Ryan of course liked the stripes more than the flowered pillow.

In addition to bringing some life to the deck, we saw a couple cute things to place in the yard itself. We're not big yard people (like can't do landscaping & flowers die all the time around us) so what better way to add a fun and colorful piece to the back yard than with lawn ornaments. You'll like the ones we picked: 

Alright now seriously, this guy is pretty cool. Look at the gorgeous feathers & color on this guy!

This little bubble bee caught my eye with her happy, go-lucky demeanor.      

I'm not sure what we'll be looking at doing for the deck once it's complete, but I feel like we owe it to the deck itself to adjourn it with something wonderful. It would be great if the deck could be a fun place for our friends to come over, eat and play games in the yard......I've got it! Maybe we should throw a party!! LOL.

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