Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sealed with Love from Grams

I love my grandmother. She is an amazing woman, one of the best I've ever known. I remember growing up in her art room (a legendary room) doing all sorts of arts and crafts watching really old movies (anyone remember Speed or Sound of Music? Yeah....that's right!) for hours upon hours. That's how I spent my summers, in that room creating all sorts of masterpieces. I would dream of becoming an artist just like her; painting and doing ceramics like the pros. Like I said, she's brilliant.

Anywho, she now lives in Key West which is both great & sad. Great because visiting her is really like a vacation with warm weather and beautiful scenery, but sad because I am not able to visit her as frequent as I'd like. Luckily she likes to send me little gifts to let me know how much she still thinks of me. One of the first gifts is my craft desk so I can create my own little art room. Isn't that awesome? (Again, she's the best!)

The latest package included some pretty cool things too:

That's right paper doll collection

Why hello Ryan, have you come to court me? ;)

So many little time!

I'm too much of a lady you farmer!

The box the paper dolls came true!

I'm intrigued by this box

Heck YAY. My own stationary with my name on it! <3
Mind you this week was no holiday, it was just a normal week and my grandmother just bestowed these wonderful gifts. That's not what makes her awesome, but the fact that she thinks of me frequently enough to send me these little treasures is why she's awesome. I miss her dearly, but hopefully I'll get to see her soon. I'm sure everyone has one family member that they really love (you love all of your family, but one in particular you enjoy) share! Who is it???

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