Friday, May 11, 2012

The Target Adventure Continues...

As I posted yesterday, I had a fun little trip in Target and found two shops featured which are adorable. Today's shop spotlight is The Privet House. Very charming home decor items that are vintage with a bohemian-chic feel.  I had to take pictures of the accessories that were shown in store. I'm a very visual person, so I need to have pictures for inspiration when I look at doing new things for my home.

I even love their sign, cute font & love the green

I love canisters...wish I had enough space for an entire collection!

So not my style, but I can appreciate it.

Do people decorate with the "&" sign? I don't, but it looks cool here.

This crate is awesome; perfect color and size!

Side view of the crate. I <3 it.

Nothing more.

I see these a lot in stores, I don't know that I would use this to be honest.

Can't you picture this at a summer party?

I've been digging home decor with birds lately, so this birdcage is perfect.
The Privet Shop has a lot of adorable items besides what I was able to take photos of. There are unscented candles and lots of tableware for spring/summer gatherings. Like I said previously, the hubby was already super annoyed that I kept taking pictures so I was only able to take a few before he abandoned me! ;) But I can tell two things I think are great from this collection that will be constant for spring/summer home decor are:


This collection has fun patterns to help accent your home, whatever space that might be: dining, kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc. You will find stripes, animal print, floral and more!


The new season always opens new possibilities of colors for fashion and home decor trends. And as you see from the picture above, color is most often going to be paired with pattern to give that extra bit of "pop" for Spring/Summer. While color is great to bring in a bit of your personality, it's best to keep it just for the accent pieces which is exactly what the Privet House shop provides...

I'm loving the yellow in home decor & fashion...thinking this might be for me!

I love going into stores and finding inspiration ideas for the home. Even if its not my style (which some of this isn't), I can still appreciate it. Where do you look for inspiration?


  1. I saw the Privet House Collection the other night when I was in Target. I wanted to purchase the birdcage and the crate. Thanks for all the Target updates! :)

    Shine with Jennifer Leigh

  2. Hey Jen!
    Yeah, this shop is super adorable. The birdcage & crate would be a lovely addition to your home. :) Thanks for stopping by!!