Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Coffee Table Delight

On my recent trip to iKea I mentioned that I splurged on a new coffee table. It was more than I would ever dream about spending on a coffee table, but when I saw it I instantly fell in love. So this past weekend we ended up putting it together which was super easy since iKea provides easy to read directions.

Of course the pops was willing to help out. :)

Apparently the coffee table parts serve dual purposes as hitting devices. Yes, they started smacking each other....

Let's try another angle...

I am giddy with excitement as it starts to come together!

About to put the drawer in.

So this is the finished product once it was put together, but alas it needs to be prettied up! :)

Now that the building portion is complete, it's time for the female to make it pretty! I have a lot of beachy type things in my house (not a touristy type of beach, but simple beach touches everywhere) so it was my turn to put those accent pieces into my new coffee table/display area! {Insert giddy smile again}

Side view of the new coffee table

Filled with Coastal Living Magazines and shells

Another angle, told you it's HUGE!

Living room from the stairs

View from our loft style bedroom, Bailey cheesing for the camera!
There it is! My lovely splurge & I couldn't be happier. :)

I'm really glad we got this coffee table. It was something I  knew I was going to regret if I decided to be "logical" or frugal and not purchase I'm glad we did. It looks divine in the space. Although bigger than I thought it was, every time I look at it I'm happy that we got it! :) Next up on the living room agenda? Painting the wooden bench white (and maybe distressing it a bit). It's never ending.... LOL

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