Friday, May 25, 2012

Orange-YOU Surprised?

Like that title? Well, after seeing me rock this outfit you might understand why I ask! ;)

For an upcoming work trip I'm going to be sporting a new I work for and the main color for the brand is orange. So we'll be rockin' orange all the time! In anticipation for that event I've started going shopping for orange attire options I can wear. I went to TJ Maxx and scored some awesome accessories; I also went to Anne Taylor Loft (my favorite store) and found a beautiful striped top. I decided to sport it yesterday at work and wow, I couldn't have dreamed all the wonderful compliments I received as a result!! So many that I wanted to show it off for all to see...

So I bought this orange striped shirt from The Loft. I paired it with a light blue dress I bought at Anne Taylor years ago and it just looked super cute. With nude pumps and my Michaels Kors purse, this outfit got the attention of everyone at work. I received so many compliments from co-workers which made me feel extra special!

My beautiful bangles from TJ MAXX
Hand on the side, rocking the bangles with some sass!

Who you looking at? Me? ;)

Loving the color orange this summer

Later I still wanted to rock this shirt, but sans dress so I paired the shirt with a cotton tank top and my comfy khaki pants.  Add my new orange necklace and I still received tons of compliments on this look.

Here's the beautiful orange shirt worn for a casual outfit.

The orange necklace I bought from TJ MAXX
So the striped shirt was a hit and, as you can see, works for dressing up or dressing casually. The orange color and fabric are perfect for this summer. With a lot of different picks this summer, including colorful shoes and new dresses, I'll be sporting a lot of color in my wardrobe. And I look forward to wearing this shirt & my other orange picks all season long! :)

What do you think? Is there a color you're particularly fond of for summer?

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