Thursday, November 4, 2010

Unknown Spin Injury

I am an avid “spinner.” I love to take spin classes at the local YMCA and do on regular bases. I have turned many friends onto the beloved hobby due to the extreme work-out in which the sweat resembles that of high intensity running. However, one MAJOR injury that many may not know about? Butt pain!
That’s right, you heard me correctly. If you are a regular in spin classes, at least once a week, then this injury will not happen as frequently (I guess your butt develops some sort of callus that exempts you from the pain). But if you take off a week or two, or like myself a couple months, you’ll be in a world of pain your first spin class back!
I went to my first spin class on Tuesday after a two month hiatus and let me tell you, my tuckus HURTS! Yesterday the pain was immense, especially when I went to sit down. But even today I feel stings of pain when I walk or do stairs. The seats themselves don’t look malicious but sit on them for 10 minutes and begin to feel the discomfort. I tried for the first 15 minutes of my class to situate differently to avoid the aches, but it simply wasn’t possible. Like I said, if you get into a routine the soreness seems to dissipate over time and you don’t feel it. However, take time off and BAM you’re right back to a tender tooshie!
Moral of my story? The unknown spin injury of butt pain is not enjoyable. So if you plan on partaking in this hobby, be sure to make it a regular habit. I plan on going next Tuesday!

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