Friday, November 5, 2010

Mission: Bartowski

I am pleased to announce that I not only took this mission, but I received accommodations from my general! J
About a month ago my husband started a Netflix account.  With that account he started ordering DVDs of the television show Chuck.  We had never watched this show previously, so I’m not sure where his sudden interest in it came from, but we started watching it one disk at a time. Over a period of one week we were watching two disks (about 4 episodes per disk) and craved more CHUCK time. It became clear that we were required to purchase the season DVDs to watch it at the rate we needed. (You would think the word ‘needed’ seems a bit harsh, we don’t NEED to watch it at that pace; but let me tell you, I’m not kidding when I said we craved Chuck!) So we’ve gone through the first, second and indeed the third season of Chuck in just a few short weeks. The fourth season is now on as well as airing this fall on Monday nights 8:00pm EST. We have caught up to speed on all of the episodes and I must say….I am in LOVE!
Ryan has even nicknamed our Chihuahua-Bailey Bartowski!

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