Friday, November 19, 2010

Healthy Eating Plan

I’d prefer not to call it a “diet” because I’m going to try and not restrict myself from guilty pleasure (i.e. treats). But I’ve been traveling a little bit these last few weeks; which, as everyone knows, leads you to eat a lot more given all the “new” things you want to try. My biggest vice around the holidays are seasonal things. Like pumpkin and peppermint flavored chocolates, candies, ice cream, hot chocolate and other delectable items. However, since I know this time is coming up I have devised a plan (nothing new or original) to help me counteract the destructive and OH SO GOOD-treats! (Caz let’s be honest, simply not having them is NOT an option! Lol)
So here it goes…I’m going to eat healthy, fresh and, where possible, organic foods. I’ve been on this eating plan for a week and I’m already feelin the effects on my body. I have been eating items that is low in fat, low calories and low sodium (sodium is an important thing to check). Not very easy for someone who’s frugal like myself; grocery shopping took me nearly 2 hours. For breakfast I have been having a Nutrigrain bar or other granola bar along with a banana (extremely unusual for me, but that’s another story), for lunch I make this wrap concoction that I created (recipe later on), low fat fig newtons or fresh fruit and as a snack dark chocolate covered almonds in 100 calorie packs-seriously awesome. For dinners I have tried to keep in mind the health factor also. Having a lot of greens, salad or other fresh veggies and even when I go out to eat I consulted the nutrition guide online to make sure I wasn’t going over my goal.
How do I incorporate my treat? I include a small helping with fruit. For example, I have small cups of raspberries, blackberries with fat free whipped cream and I chopped up a miniature snickers bard into crumbles and garnish it. It’s very delicious, light and satisfying for my sweet craving. For seasonal treats I hope to be able to do the same, by incorporating smaller portions and add fruit. So this healthy eating plan is going to be around for awhile, may cost extra at the grocery store checkout but it’ll be worth it so I won’t have that extra weight weighing on my shoulders! Lol

Here’s the wrap recipe I was mentioning before, totally LOVE it:
I whole wheat flat bread, tortilla or pita (100 calories)
2 tablespoons of reduced fat hummus (I use Roasted Red Pepper) 70 calories
Spinach (as much as you want) 20 calories
Reduced fat Feta Cheese ¼ cup 55 calories
Banana Peppers-about five 2 calories
Turkey Pepperoni-about 8 slices 35 calories
*I like to add a little bit of yellow mustard for flavor, but you can add a little salad dressing/vinaigrette for additional flavor*  
Total: under 300 calories
You can add as much veggies as you want to this wrap!

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