Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Black Friday Shopping

Bring on the Black Friday DEALS!!
So I am PUMPED about Black Friday!! This year I have decided that since we're financially able to, I want to get those closest to us amazing gifts. I know I purchase awesome gifts regularly (not to brag) but I really want to dazzle this year! Its true the holiday season is not about the gifts, but I want to see surprised and gleaming faces on those nearest to us. I want to produce excitement and happiness in our family & friends; and since that's a tall order, I'm going to need a little help from the Black Friday sales ads!!

This Friday will mark the fourth year in a row that I've woken up or just not gone to bed to get in line for some deals. I can recall one year waiting in line at Best Buy at 2am to get a television for my mom & dad. Then there was one year when we tried to go to the outlet malls in Williamsburg, but that did not end up working out. So instead, Ryan and I ventured to Target at 4am to wait for 2+ hours till they opened up. A LOT of hot chocolate (b/c I cannot stand coffee) was drank that morning!!  So yup, this year I think its going to be another late night or early morning. I can't wait to get the paper and develop a plan of attack on which retailers we should visit. I believe it's going to be a family affair too, which should make it even more fun!

While this may seem crazy to some, please know that I will walk away from a great deal if I feel my safety is in jeopardy! I cannot believe the lengths some will go to for a great deal, but I do have my standards. Nothing is worth getting trampled on!! If I can't find or get what I want on Black Friday, I'll just wait till Cyber Monday. But I'll update my blog with the steals I get as well as any horror stories I encounter!!

Happy Shopping! :)

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