Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Maryland House Hunting

This past weekend Ryan and I traveled to just outside Washington D.C. area, on the Maryland side, to help his parents pick out a place.
They currently live in the mid-west and are relocating back to the east coast (thankfully because the 6 hour drive to visit them is a bit much)! Anywho, we visited a couple houses for rent in the Frederick, Gaithersburg, Rockville area of Marlyand which is where my FIL need to be located for his job.
The first two places we saw were nice, a bit out dated though, but nice little homes. Both had appeal but weren’t the size or layout they wanted. The third and final place we visited was AWESOME! As soon as we drove up to the driveway I was like Jiminey Crickets. The home is a lovely old farmhouse (see photo).

The inside of the home spoke to its age but also to the character and charm of an old farm house. I was truly in love with it. Ryan, however, was a different story. He is a city boy who hates rural places, so this home didn’t speak to the accommodations he would want. But I adored the almost 2,000 square feet, four bedroom, two and a half baths home with the open layout and lots of natural light in every room. True to an older home, it needed some updating to attract a modern family, but for a rental you’d be hard press to find something with as many ‘pluses’ as this home. A bonus is that is has an interesting story! It used to be, quite some time ago, a school for boys. The agent told us that when we were walking through and its apparent with the fluorescent lighting in some rooms, a mud room with a very long coat rack to hang book bags and coats, the doors to show “off-limits” areas and the separate quarters for the master suite.

The out dated kitchen

Could use work but HUGE space!

Open floor plan from dinning room to living room

Lots of built in storage!

Ryan and I outside the home

Beautiful grand staircase at front of the home.

Gorgeous chandlier

More built in storage, original to the house.

The mudd room, example of how many boys it use to house!

I’m pretty excited to go up there and visit on the weekend. Its only a four hour drive and with the ample space it’ll be very comfortable staying there. I’m already envisioning Thanksgiving and Christmas there with both our families; the beautiful white snow on the ground overlooking the 22 acres of park behind the home.
Lovely, simply lovely…

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