Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Prank

I’m not really too big into the Halloween holiday. I don’t typically dress up or go to parties and I certainly don’t decorate the outside of my house. However, I do realize others (some close friends of mine) feel very different. Two years ago, some close friends of mine decorated the outside of their townhome on October 1st in anticipation for Halloween. I’m not sure how the idea came up, but some of us decided that it would be HILARIOUS if we “borrowed” their decorations. See, the people who’s outside decorations we were going to “borrow” worked overnight delivering papers (The Virginian-Pilot). And my house at the time happened to be on their route every morning. So to make this work, we needed to strategize.

It was three of us total who decided to pull off this prank. It was chilly and of course, raining that morning. We waited in our cars for our friends to leave on their route, around 5:10 am. We quickly went to their house and decided to pull down the decorations. We had a key so we were even able to pull down the decorations that we hanging inside their windows! It took probably a half an hour to remove them all. We then immediately went to my house and began hanging them back up again. Even as I recount this story I am smiling because of how sneaky I thought we were for doing this! I mean, who pulls a Halloween Prank? And best of all, we wouldn’t have to wait long for the shock on their faces. He he he :)

After we finished decorating my house with all the Halloween decorations we waited…and waited…and waited. It seems like forever, probably a total of eighty minutes. We could have taken our time, but in all the excitement we were working fast to avoid being caught prematurely! It was probably around 7:00am when they pulled into our court. We slouched down behind the bushes, hoping to avoid being seen.  One of my friends was recording the whole thing, us stealing (or “borrowing”) the decorations, hanging them back up again and of course the highlight-when they finally saw!

As they turn to go by our house they slowed down very sharply. Their windows were rolled down because that’s how they toss the papers out onto people’s yards. You can clearly hear them state “Are those our decorations?” We immediately start laughing and are so proud of our accomplishment that we jump out of the bushes and start moving towards them! They got out of the car and was in amazement at how we pulled it off. They had left their home not two hours ago with the decorations there and suddenly they were no longer.  We were instantly told to put the decorations back asap, by one sleepy and grouchy passenger, but we didn’t care. We pulled it off and got the reaction we had hoped for! :) Mwuahaha!

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  1. Look how skinny Josh's face was. Geesh. We did have a blast though. I still like telling this story. :) -Kris