Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Orleans Trip

I find myself in New Orleans for the second time this year. Both trips were for work purposes. The first trip was to attend and work at the National Apartment Association Conference (NAA) for my previous job and now I am attending/working the National Association of Realtors (NAR) Conference & Expo.

My first trip was an absolute BLAST. Two really good friends (and co-workers) of mine attended as well, which made the work portion and "free" time a LOT of fun.

Its hard for me not to compare this trip to my previous one. Same location (even the same convention center) and it's for work purposes at a tradeshow/conference. There are plenty of good stories that came from the first trip, including Bourbon Street bars, Margarittaville and cab rides.  Everyone knows or has heard of Bourbon Street. I can tell you, everything you've heard is true! Bourbon Street is a unique place; don't get me wrong-had a great time-but there was women flashing their chests and lots of drunk people. Besides being a regular at Fat Catz Bar, one of my biggest memories of that place was when my friend, Amanda, stepped in a disgusting puddle. Did not smell or feel like water, that's for sure! (Eeek!) A bouncer at the bar next to the puddle offered to wash it off for her; however, in his generous state he decided to pick up my other friend Meredith, yes PICK her up, and carry her into the bar! He placed her right in the middle of an empty dance floor with us trickling behind. We quickly thanked him and left. Awkward! :) 

Anywho, seeing as this trip is with a different company and all new people, I'm hoping to get to know my co-workers a little better. So far the trip has been great! Really getting to know the crew that I'm working with and they are all super nice and very welcoming. :)

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