Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pin Wheel Craftiness

I see so many funny ecards about Pinterest that just crack me up-because they're SO TRUE! Take this one for example...

I mean how true is that statement? ;) So the other day I was feeling rather crafty after exploring Pinterest for a couple hours (can I get an AMEN). I saw these instructions for how-to make pin wheels and thought 'I could do that!' It's really very easy and since I have a new craft space in my office I took a stab immediately.

  1. Basically, to get started you need to cut a 4-inch x 4-inch square out of a piece of paper (I used a 6-inch x 6-inch square since that's the card stock I had).
  2. You should draw diagonal lines across the square to join up the corners. Then, mark the center of the square with a dot, and draw an additional dot at each of the corners. (You can see from the picture above for an example)
  3. Using scissors cut along the diagonal lines. Then, use a hole punch or pin to punch a hole through each of your dots.
  4. Line the dots on the outer edge of your pinwheel up with the dot in the center. Push a tack (like the patterned one I used above) through the dots to hold everything together.  

You can attach the pinwheel to a pencil eraser or straw; then it's ready to use! So what do you think? I plan on incorporating these for future parties given how super easy is it to make.

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