Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Man with A Baby

Is a man with a baby the cutest darn thing? I always love seeing my husband, Ryan, with my cute little puppy. They are my two boys and they both hold my heart. That being said, seeing my hubby holding my precious little nephew Camden certainly pulls on the heart strings!

Are they not the cutest darn thing? I wonder how much of me giving them that title is because I know and love the both of them, or whether it really is the 'man & a baby' thing where women are drawn to men holding a baby. I think it has something to do with seeing their, men, facial expressions and demeanors as a way to see how they will embrace children and potentially our kid(s). And I'm sure you can tell that Ryan certainly seems to be "okay" with Camden. I really love the bottom right photo because it shows Ryan's mischevious smile which is totally kid-like itself. ;)

Oh, and just so my other nephew doesn't feel left out, I also want to show my big boy nephew Aiden. He started Pre-K a few weeks ago. I can't believe how big he's getting!!!

I'm so blessed with the best & most beautiful family.

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