Friday, September 21, 2012

Inside a Blogger's Purse

I really love the blogger purse series on the @SNAPConf blog. I think it gives you a great insight into each blogger and a little bit of their personal life. And while no one is banging down my door to see what's in my purse, I thought I'd show off what's in my purse none-the-less! ;)

As you can see I have a couple things that are typical and some that are totally fitting for a blogger, marketer and home/DIY enthusiast!

  1. Brown Michael Kors purse: Love this bag! It's perfect for storing so many things. The hubby bought it for me last Christmas. <3 it.
  2. Wallet: An obvious, of course, but one given as a Chirstmas gift by my best friend Megan.
  3. Cell phone: DUH! Need this at all times. I feel so naked without my cell phone. Don't you?
  4. iPad: I just recently got an iPad from work and I love having it. It's so easy to just turn on and off versus my laptop. Plus I can quickly search things, update social networks, check email, etc. I've never had an Apple product before, but I'm digging this one.
  5. Business Card Holder: This was a gift from my friend Amanda. Don't you just love the color orange! Never hurts to have your business cards on you at all times. Never know when a networking opportunity will present itself.
  6. Paint Samples: I love going to Lowe's and picking out paint samples. It makes me inspired for a new DIY project. These samples are left over from picking out colors for the guest bedroom revamp. The green color samples are a potential for another room (ah...another blog). ;)
  7. Ear phones are a must. Not only for me to grab when I go for a run, but for work. In a cubicle situation it can sometimes get loud-so having ear phones to listen to music is a must!
  8. Misc Items: Tissues, pens, chapstick, lint roller, ID badge and car keys are regular things typically located in many women's purses.

There you go! A look inside my purse today. I don't always carry all this stuff around, you just caught me on a good day. ;) If you feel inclined to share the contents inside your bag be sure to comment and let me know so I can visit.


  1. I love this G! We should have fixed you all up on the SNAP blog! Maybe next time?

    I love your bag and I am giggling about the full size deodorant!


    1. Hey Tauni! Yes, I'd love to be featured on the SNAP blog in the future. LOVE SNAP! ;)

      Full size deodorant-when a travel size just won't do. HAHA!

  2. Love your MK bag! My hubs bought one for me last Christmas too! We are so lucky. :) My purse is always full of paint samples, fabric samples and home dimensions. I used to laugh at my mother, back when I was young, when she would do the same thing. Now I get it. ha ha!

    Great seeing you on Monday!

    1. Great seeing you as well Jen! Looking forward to the next meet-up. :)

  3. I love that you have paint samples in your purse! I don't have an iPad but I LOVE my tablet! It was great to see you again the other night :) Looking forward to our next meetup. Oh and that MK purse is fabulous!


    1. Thanks for stopping by Aimee! It was good to see you again too, look forward to the future Chihuahua play date. ;)