Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I LOVE Homes!

That statement is two fold; one, I totally love my home and all things home and two, I love my job at!

This year has gone by wicked fast and it's because we've had no shortage of things going on. If someone would have told me last year all the amazing things we've done this year I would have said they are CRAZY. It would seem impossible, but that's exactly what's happened-the impossible.

I don't typically talk about my work accomplishments on this blog, this blog is usually for personal stuff and my home/diy projects, but since I have done some pretty great things I felt like taking a moment to do so! (So sue me) ;)

  1. In February we launched a Pin it If You Love It Pinterest contest. It was the first one we ever launched and the first in our space. It was hugely successful and I wrote a Pinterest whitepaper as a result. This contest & whitepaper landed me an interview with Ragan Communications and
  2. In March we launched a new consumer blog. The design and organization is unlike a WordPress blog I've worked on before. It looks like it's own micro-site. LOVE IT!
  3. In May we launched a Spring Into the Dream Pinterest contest. Unlike the first one, this was specifically for the bloggers network we've build relationships with and it was SO much fun. I had never participated in a contest like this and it was wildly successful. Even landing us in Social Media Exaiminer.
  4. The Red, White & BBQ campaign this past July comprised of our first ever Instagram contest, Twitter chats, partnership with the lovely Courtney Dial from, and our first ebook on outdoor barbecues. It was a fully integrated campaign that surpassed everyone's expectations and help launch some content strategies we'll be implementing for future campaigns!
  5. Featured in Atlanta Home Improvement Magazine's Blog on an article referencing the top 3 kitchen trends for 2012.
  6. Gave a presentation to Dominion Enterprises employees on blogger outreach. This accomplishment is pretty dear to my heart because I feel like Homes has really worked hard to bring bloggers into our current marketing mix; so it was especially rewarding to discuss this topic in front of other Dominion businesses on our success. Plus, I just genuinely love the bloggers we've built relationships with so it gave me an opportunity to sing their prases! ;)

This list is not all inclusive. There are tons more we've worked on that's helped us do more this year, but these are some highlights.

Again, this might seem like a boring post but I have been a little busy bee at work and home and I have a feeling that it won't stop the rest of 2012 and into 2013! Goodness gracious.

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