Tuesday, August 28, 2012

DIY Greeting Card Style

I put on my 30 Before 30 List that I want to make greeting cards for each occassion. I haven't accmoplished that this year, but I'm thinking if I start now I might hit all the occassions/holidays by the time I'm thirty! ;)

So I decided to start with my best friend's birthday this month. She's really the least DIY person I know, she actually jokes me for my DIY/craftness projects {secretly she loves me, she just plays tough} so it seemed fitting that I make her a fully do-it-yourself birthday card! ;)

My grandmother got me this card making magazine subscription so I looked through it and found a really cool idea for making an accordian circle to offer a 3-D perspective to the card.

So I looked through my newly organized office to find some card stock and scrapebook paper to make a cool card based off some ideas in my new little magazine.

I added some colorful paper on top of the silver cardstock, then using the same paper I made the accordian circle.

I added a metal grommet and a 'Happy Birthday' tag to seal the deal. And in case you have any questions who made it, a 'handmade by yours truly' stamp will let you know! ;) 
It's actually pretty easy to make the circle itself. You just cut a piece of paper and fold it in like 1/4 of inch sizes. The tough part, for me at least, was fanning it out into a circle and gluing it together while still holding it's shape. It might also have something to do with the glue I was using. Now that I know that Gorilla Glue isn't good for craft projects, maybe I should get myself a little glue gun!

I'm looking forward to doing more greeting cards like this in the future. Halloween will be a fun time to get creative with some stamps and fun patterns....but before then is my dad's birthday. I'm already thinking of what I can make for him. I just love being crafty! HA!

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