Monday, August 20, 2012

The Best Birthday Gift

My 28th birthday was last week and I posted here some things I thought would be good gifts for my birthday-should anyone be looking for suggestions-but what I received was so much better than what I could have imagined.

When I came into work, I really felt the LOVE with balloons and flowers on my desk along with a couple cards. Then one of my work besties made raspberry lemon cupcakes....take a look! They were AMAZING!

Aren't those just the cutest darn things?? We then had a celebratory lunch at Havanna's. Their chicken nachos are delicious and I ate way too much. Of course. Then came to the evening in which the hubby and I were going to see The Campaign, with Will Ferrel and Zack Galafanakas, at Cinema Cafe. It was a funny movie and I had a great time.

For dessert I had a rockin mint chocolate chip ice cream cake courtesy of my parents. Ryan surprised me with flowers, a bottle of wine that I love, Starbucks gift card, a DIY magazine (does he know me or what) and a beautiful card.

And if that wasn't enough, he also reserved me a 50 minute massage at the Flowering Almond Spa at The Founder's Inn on Saturday.

I have had a very tough year thus far. Nothing atrocious and certainly not life & death, but it has been very tough on me emotionally, physically and mentally. And Ryan knows that. So it was so wonderful of him to allow me some time to pamper myself with an aromatherapy massage. I had never been there before, but oh my! It was BEAUTIFUL. The place was so relaxing as soon as I walked in I was greeted and directed to a locker which had a robe and flip flops for me to change into.

It had a lounge area for me to wait, read a magazine and get some cold lemon water before the blessed event. The lady, Bridgette, called my name & brought me into a room. I picked ouy my scent, tranquility, and then disrobed. The bed was heated, yup heated, so it was warm and cozy. The music was so soothing that I just closed my eyes and enjoyed all the senses that filled my nostrils. Hot towels were also given for my neck and back which added to the relaxing feeling (who doesn't love a warm blanket or bath? feels like home). I didn't fall asleep but the time went by too fast nonethelss.

I truly had the best birthday this year and it was all because people showed me how much I meant to them. It also allowed me some "ME" time, which I don't do enough of. Bring on the new year!!!

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