Saturday, June 30, 2012

Home Office Reveal

So it's been awhile since I announced that our home office was getting a makeover. And trust me there were MANY steps to get it finally finished. But I'm pleased to report that it's finally done!

If you don't remember, this project started with that trip to iKEA when we randomly decided to purchase the desks and wall storage unit. Then having my FIL and dad help build Ryan's desk, my desk and the ultimate wall storage unit really helped make this space the best it could be.

Here's a look at the before to REALLY showcase the improvement of the after photos!

Ready to see the finished result??? Here it is!

Since Ryan picked out the black and wood desks, so NOT the color I wanted, I picked out the office accessories which added pops of color and a lot of organization for the random things which call our office home. :)  Here are those accessories on display in the beloved wall unit!

I'm telling you that unit was a smart purchase. It holds SO much stuff without taking up too much space. Genius! Anywho, that's the final reveal of the office. I'm really in love with the functionality of the space for two people who are on their computers a lot. Obviously not a huge makeover with paint, wall coverings or even new light fixtures but I think the space has transformed. Yay!

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