Monday, August 13, 2012

DIY Wine Tasting Cards

As I mentioned in my previous post, we're having a wine tasting party at my girlfriend's house and I graciously volunteered to make the wine tasting cards.

It's been a while since I've been crafty, so I thought this would be just the thing to kick my butt in gear. {I mean wine is a great motivation-right? LOL} So I went to Michaels and got a couple things to help get started. I scored some colorful cardstock, wine stickers {no stamps, which was my first choice} and a cute "handmade by yours truly" to showoff the creator...MOI!

So I started my craft project laying out all my supplies. Then I picked out two colors of cardstock, one for white wine and one for red wine. I chose green cardstock for white and purple cardstcok for red since they represent the delicious grapes we were going to be enjoying! ;) Using my stencils, I started labeling and marking each card with numbers 1 through 6 since we'd be having 6 bottles of each type of wine (3 guests were bring red, 3 guests were bringing white with two bottles each guest).

After doing the stenciling portion, I cut the edges with special scissors and then fancied them up with the wine stickers from Michaels. I coordinated the white wine stickers on the green cardstock (white wine) and red wine stickers on the purple cardstock (red wine). Yea...I  know, a little too detail orientated. What can I say?! Finally I decided that since this was our first under/over party that we should have a little sign to welcome all the guests's what my crafty adventures got me!!

So whatta think? I'm super pumped for the party and ready to show off my little tasting cards. :) Do you have any DIY crafts you wanna show off also? Share them in the comment section so I can take a look.

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