Thursday, August 2, 2012


I'm not really sure I should be telling you all this, but a friend of mine encouraged me to share this story with the here it goes.

Yesterday I lied. {Hands over the mouth and gasping sounds spill out!} But it's true. Yesterday I had a "situation" happen to me and I lied about it to protect the innocent, i.e. myself. But let me reverse one day. On Tuesday I had the bad case of the allergies; which, for anyone who knows me this can entail several different signs. Watering eyes, sneezing, swollen eyes (as a result of rubbing said watering eyes) and irritation (my husband will tell you this is a 24/7 thing with me and I assure you that's not true). So anyways, back to the story, Tuesday one of my eyes was red and irritated. Nothing I could do about it, can't call out for an irritated eye, so I went to work.

**MINOR VENT: I hate when you have something, an ailment of some kind, and someone goes off the deep end or gives you the big "X" with their fingers like the one thing you wanted to do is infect them. Seriously? That's how you want to respond? Ideally the person with whatever ailment would LOVE to be at home and away from you but that's not always the case. I think it goes back to the saying "if you don't have something nice to say, don't say something at all!" Anyways, I digress....

So at work everyone noticed my eye was red and one co-worker even asked if I had pink eye (i.e. the rant above). The eye was irritated and red all day. :( Fast forward to yesterday morning. I woke up and no irritated eye-HORRAY! Okay, so here comes the confession....

I ended up irritating my eye AGAIN and forcing it to be red ALL DAY long. We're talking had to go to the store and get Visine, with blurry vision, asking for assistance with my drops, sunglasses wearing kinda irritation. Yup, here's my confession. I told co-workers that the irritation came from a big clump of face wash that ended up in my eye. The irritation from the alcohol and stuff made it burn and thus redness. That was a lie. EEK!!

The innocent one

The real truth is that I have black heads. There I said it. Now the whole world knows it I can move on with the rest of my story. So yesterday morning after washing my face, and no clumps went into my eye, I decided to use a Biore strip (pictured below). Without getting into advertising for this brand, they work. I love them and use them once a month. Moving I put the Biore strip on my nose and waited for it to try. For some reason my eye itched or maybe the strip was too close to my eye, whatever the case I rubbed my eye. BIG MISTAKE!!!

Guilty one!

That split decision to rub my eye changed the course of my whole day. Apparently a piece of the strip came off and into my eye. Urgh....complete irritation and I proceeded to rub the eye furiously to get this little paper out; which, unfortunately, caused more irritation, watering and some swelling. Two days in a row I had an eye that was out of commission! :( So there it is, the confession. But what's even funnier is the situations this incident forced upon me throughout the day. Here's a list...

  1. While walking the dog I needed a tissue to hold back the water from streaming down my face. I ended up propping it up against my face with my sunglasses so it looked like I had eye surgery. NIICE!
  2. I walked around my house wearing sunglasses trying to hide the fact from my husband. Didn't work, I confessed it as soon as I was asked (I would not survive an interrogation)!
  3. I ran to the store to get Visine and tried putting it in my eye while sitting in the car. Not successful; it took several tries to get one drop in my eye. ANOTHER CONFESSION: I am not good with seeing things come near my eye like that. The anticipation makes me flinch and make sudden movements to dodge the drop. 
  4. I came into work and for the first hour wore sunglasses because I didn't want another pink eye comment. I was told by co-workers I looked like a celebrity undercover or a spy and should remove them (plus, I'm sure there is a security reason I shouldn't be wearing those all day long).
  5. The funniest thing of the day was an incident with the drops. I asked my bestie, Amanda, to put eye drops in the eye half way through the day. If you remember from number 3 I don't like seeing the drops come in my eye. After persisting she help a girl out, she had me sit in her chair to administer treatment. Picture it, I'm in her cube in an open quad concept at work....She first had to warn me that she's never done this before-like it's surgery or something. ;) So I lean back in her chair and we play a little game of dodge ball with the eye drops! She would go to squeeze the bottle over my eye and I would flinch alarmingly or move away. Not very nice for someone who was already not enthusiastic for administering treatment. ;) After a couple attempts we were victorious.
So there you have it. My confession to the world about the real reason for my eye mishap yesterday. I swear there is something wrong with me as I have these kinds of situations happen often! Maybe I'm crazy, who knows. Do you have an insane story like this to share? I'd love to see I'm not alone! ;)

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