Thursday, August 16, 2012

DIY Mirror Revamp

I totally forgot to update yah'll about an upcycle project I did awhile back.{It also happens to check off something from my 30 bedfore 30 List} Do you remember the DIY tv stand I redid? It was a boring cream French Provincial dresser that I decided would make an excellent TV stand. Still is our TV stand and we made improvements by taking out the top two drawers to make room for the cable and playstation see....

Anywho, so back to my diy mirror revamp. If you remember from the before photos of the dresser (see below) it had a mirror that came with the purchase. I only used the dresser for the tv stand but wanted to use the mirror for something else. I have this space in my entry way and I thought it would be a perfect fit, but the mirror needed some work that's for sure.

I had left over paint from when the fireplace wall was redone, and wanted to paint it for some pop of color. But once I did that I wasn't in love, so I distressed it a little with some sand paper. Here's the final result, what do you think?

I have it up in our entry way so I think that counts as a piece of art work that I made that's displayed in our home, so I'm checking off number 10 from my list! YAY...slowly but surely I'll accomplish it all. ;)

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