Sunday, January 29, 2012

I'm on Organization Over Drive!

January always brings on New Year goals of organization. Add that with the tips I'm seeing on all over the blogosphere and you'll see why I'm feeling the pressure to hop on the ball!

Last year I posted my desire DIY project-the laundry nook. Well, I've avoided it like the plague because it was something I knew needed to get done but wasn't a priority in the grand scheme of things (ceiling repairs, fireplace removal, etc.). However, it's one space that always gets cluttered up since it's hidden behind a curtain (see previous blog post).

I'm not going to settle for that anymore. This time, I'm making steps to make that space suitable for all to see. But most importantly, for me to see! I need a little glam when I do the laundry. :)

So here's before photos of that laundry nook...

And here's my first purchase to help make that space prettier.

I shopped all over the place for baskets, to help make it look like these organized areas but they are just SOO expensive. Plus, with the limited space I have in my laundry area, most baskets wouldn't fit. With the space in between the shelves, I needed something that was 9 inches high and around 11 inches deep that didn't cost an arm and a leg! So I looked at  The Container Store, Target and Walmart. In the end, Walmart had a package of 6 baskets for $35. That's a STEAL! So I ordered two and will have 12 baskets for the space. Plenty for growth!

Additionally, I'm going to put another shelf at the top for those appliances that we don't use very frequently (step ladder will be nearby). All of the articles I've read said to go UP if you don't have space-that's the perfect tip for my laundry nook! Stay tuned for the next update...thinking paint will help spruce that area up! ;)

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