Thursday, January 12, 2012

HELP! I need wardrope advice!

I don't know about you but when I go home after a hard day at work I like to hop into my comfy outfit. Typically this includes a pair of pjs or sweat pants and a sweat shirt. The hair goes up in a ponytail and my face is washed. I am fully exposed if you will.

Well, a couple weeks ago my darling husband made a joke about how I don't dress up for him. Clearly he doesn't see me for the 8-10 hours during the day while I'm at work. He sees me in the morning before I leave, when he's just waking up, and right when I get home, right before the beeline to my dresser to change. Not to toot my own horn, but during the day I dress to impress. So in the evenings I'd like to dress for comfort. Anywho, I can't get that comment out of my mind (of course, I'm a chick and remember everything), so I have started to look for items that would serve both purposes. Something that's comfortable and something that's nice looking (and dare I say it figure flattering).

So I made my first purchase right after Christmas. I was at the Loft, one of my FAVORITE stores, and bought a house cardigan. I paid about $30, which I think is a lot for a house sweater but hey, I'm trying to look nice for the hubs. Here's that sweater:

It's like this but light tan
I think that's a pretty nice sweater. It's also very comfortable; however, I have to say I'm glad it just a house sweater because that thing has started to have all sorts of fuzz from the material. Not attractive if I were wearing it to work, but for the house (and hubs) acceptable.

My next purchase also came from the Loft (again <3 this store). It's an adorable pair of slippers! Check them out....

Aren't they adorable?!

The top embellisment

My sassy self wearing them around the house
So I have two portions of my home outfit complete, but I need HELP with the rest! So I ask you, what do you think? I need a comfy top and pants. I was thinking some, gulp, spandex type pants. They would be comfortable and fit my figure (for the hubs). But what color? Same with the, not a spandex top (LORD help us on that one) but what color should I do for a top? Remember, the cardigan is a light tan and the slippers are a light grey and dark grey stripe. I'm at a loss and apparently my  husband is monitoring my apparel so I need to locate items ASAP! ;) LOL. Oh and not to add to the difficulty, I prefer not to spend $50 on those two items. Just saying...I found a couple at Dillards that weren't bad, but that's a bit much for a house outfit. I think at least.

Okay, let the advice giving begin!! :) The hubs and I thank you in advanced....

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  1. Maybe a soft lavender top with grey leggings? I have a few pair of leggings and not only are they comfortable, but you can wear them with long sweaters and look super cute. Did it today actually. :) And wore the outfit in public, no less.