Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Night with My Bestie

Last night I had a date night. Nope, not with my hunny but rather with my bestie! Not sure about you, but sometimes a bestie date night is an excellent way to end the day. What did we do in our exclusive night just for the girls? We cooked and drank wine...again, a perfect ending to the day!

My friend Megan told me about this seafood lasagna that she made in the past. She absolutely loved it. I happen to LOVE lasagna (I'm like Garfield in that way) so when she mentioned the combination of seafood and lasagna I had to get me some of that. So that's what we made. It takes a bit longer than traditional lasagna but well worth the wait! I don't remember the cook book that she got the recipe from, but this Taste of Home Seafood Lasagna recipe is pretty close. YUMMMMM! Here's a pic of ours cooking (yes, I helped!). :)

Look at all that yummy cheese!!

And the greatest thing to add to bestie and lasagna! For our Christmas gifts Megan and I decided to give each other a $30 limit to buy wine for one another. This was actually quite fun, picking out wine for someone else. I really read the labels and tried to factor in what her tastes are. For example, she is a white wine drinker and I am a red wine drinker. But buying for each other allows us to try different wines that we wouldn't usually purchase. Case in point, she bought me a French Rose. Not something I would traditionally purchase for myself but it was AMAZING! See the pretty bottle (which was the deciding factor in her purchasing it for me) below:

So pretty!!

So there you  have it, a great combination of best friend, lasagna and wine to make it a fabulous evening! I highly recommend it to all the ladies out there. :)

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