Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Toddler Fever

You know that expression “Baby Fever”? Well, I’ve got Toddler Fever BAD!!
My precious little nephew came over to my house yesterday and spending time with him just reinforced my suspicions! I mean, take a look at this precious little guy….

Aiden & his Aunt Gigi

Not only is he absolutely adorable, and I’m not basis at all, but he’s such a well mannered little guy (that I have to give credit to his parents, my brother and his wife). He’s soft spoken and polite. Says his please or “peez” and thank you and is just all around fun to hang out with!
I love seeing him get into anything at my house. He naturally curious about everything and asks questions-which I love! Ah….to be so naive and learn for the first time what seems so automatic to me now…. What do you mean that’s an oven mitt? And it does what?
So anywho, yesterday he was over helping Grandpa, Daddy and Uncle Ryan mount my television to the wall. He showed up ready to go with a little flash light and small (talking miniature) measuring tape. He’s the cutest handyman I’ve ever had (maybe a close second to my husband…love yah babe)! ;) After he was done playing handyman, my nephew decided it was time to watch Veggie Tales with his Uncle Ryan. Here’s a photo of the two of them…

Uncle Ryan had his legs out, so Aiden does too! ;)

Gotta love how he imitates those around him. And like clockwork, when my nephew leaves the house I lean over to my husband and say “I want one of HIM!”

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