Friday, June 24, 2011

Bye-bye Fireplace

This year seems to be the year for renovations! In addition to our amazing bathroom renovation, Ryan and I will also be getting some work done to our living room. When we bought our house we had a home inspection, highly recommend for everyone looking to purchase a home, and the inspector stated that the fireplace box was cracked. We knew this would have to be replaced, but given that the home was a foreclosure we were getting it for a sweet deal. So now we have this hideous fireplace in our living room that doesn't work (see photo).

Disclaimer: The carpet and surrounding tile
has since been changed!

We had an inspection completed just for the fireplace to see what the damages would cost to fix. Let's just state that the amount was monumental! I was complete shocked at the cost, could be worse but definitely didn't help my case. See I wanted to get this fixed by the end of summer; however, Ryan wasn't so keen on the idea. The high price tag meant he was going to win....but not for long! :)

Instead of fixing it, we compromised by boarding up the fireplace to allow future buyers to have a fireplace but allow us to utilize the wall space by mounting our television and having storage options through a nifty media center. The price was cut in half and we signed the paperwork that day! I'm excited to get put on the project  list and have our living room transformed!!

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