Saturday, June 2, 2012

Office Makeover: Wall Unit

So next up on the office makeover series is this ginormous wall storage system. Unfortunately I don't have too many pictures of the building process, as admittedly I was not home when it was complete (big thanks to the fathers & Ryan for putting together) but I have plenty of pictures displaying all the wonderful things I've been able to organize as a result of this mac-daddy unit!

This is the before picture of the office. I really want to showcase how terrible the storage situation is. As you can see there are tons of stuff all over the floor. Admittedly its not all Ryan's stuff which means we needed a solution badly!

I'm always searching blogs and seeing wonderful storage solutions like these....

From Beth at HomeStoriesAtoZ

From Shelley at The House of Smiths

Jen from Tatertots & Jello

and I'm like why can't I think of that! So when my brother and his wife bought a similar shelving unit from iKea for their two boys, which offered them tons of storage, I knew it would look great in our office as well. And when we went on our trip to Maryland this was actually the one & ONLY thing I went into iKea thinking I was going to buy (see how that turned out?). LOL Several hours and a couple hundred dollars later I still came home with this shelving unit which looks phenomenal in the space. Check it out:

Need Kleenex in this space if I'm going to be spending time here (allergy queen).

My beautiful green storage containers I put together!

All the books we read can now be put on display! Bet you can tell which are my books & which are Ry's! ;)

Here's a before and after to show the side by side comparison of the transformation of no storage and then storage heaven:

No storage on the left, plenty of storage on the right! BAM! ;)

For anyone looking to increase the storage in there home, I really recommend this shelving unit. It's perfect on the wall and is offered in birch (what we have), black and white {I know, no apple green}. I am so happy as it offers us so much room for storage. I have a bunch of random things (i.e. crafts, painting supplies, etc) that don't really have a home. This unit allows all of those random things to have one location for easy access. That makes me a happy person! What do you think?

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