Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Activities

Did everyone have a good Father's Day today?

Over at the Luce household we certainly did. My in-laws were once again in town and we celebrated with the entire family. Since Ryan and I have been hit by a couple of financial issues {pests & medical bills} I tried to get a little creative with something nice but inexpensive. That being said, I saw this cute little Father's Day printable from Amanda's Parties and thought 'PERFECT!' It was great for father's day because it encompasses the #1 gift bought for fathers...neck-ties. :) Take a look...

The printable had a tie banner that you can cut out and hang, like I did so here over our dining room table. We were suppose to have dinner at our house to celebrate, but we did not. So instead, we had dessert at our house. My FIL and dad really like German Chocolate cake, so that's what I decided to make. Luckily the printable by Amanda's Parties also had tiny ties for cupcakes! Too skin' cute...

I did a German Chocolate cupcake with the normal coconut frosting and another batch with whipped cream cheese frosting. They were a huge hit with the dads {and other guests} which makes me super happy!

But in addition to decorating for a small Father's Day gathering, I was still feeling a little crafty. So when we went out for brunch, I asked myself what else I could do? Here's what I came up with...

This is my pops, Scott! :)

And this is my father-in-law Mike.

That's pretty much what we did on this beautiful Sunday. How about you?

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