Thursday, June 7, 2012

Office Makeover: Ryan's Desk

Been awhile since I've posted about our office makeover, but never fear we are still at work! :)

Next up on the agenda for our office makeover series is Ryan's desk. Remember, he had a smaller desk which was lacking in any kind of storage for his Magic cards [yes, my husband is a nerd]. The cards all over the place was very annoying to me, he could care less; that being the case, it of course had to change! ;) So here's a look at the before...

This is super embarrassing, so promise NOT to judge me! LOL

When we went to iKea a couple weeks ago they had this display of an office. Ryan immediately sat down at a desk and said he liked how big it was. JUMPING {literally I think I attacked him full force} at the opportunity to get him a desk new, i.e. better storage, I said we should buy it immediately-no matter the price (anyone who knows me can tell you I must have wanted him to have a new desk BADLY to say 'no matter the price'). After spending an hour, I kid you not, looking at desk options between the color of the top (I wanted apple green, he said no) and the legs/storage cubes (again, I wanted apple green, he said no) we selected on a black top and black storage cubes as the "legs".

I was very eager to get his old desk outta here that I woke up before 7am to begin working on the storage cubes. Thank goodness for iKea's simple directions because I was able to put it together with ease. :)

The pieces to create the cubes, doesn't seem so easy at first!

Luckily Bailey is willing to help. ;)

Please ignore the messy hair & polka dot pjs, told you I woke up eager to get started! LOL

First portion down.

Its smooth sailing, I'm starting to feel like a pro.

Who's awesome? That's right, I am! Only took 30 mins. LOL

The second storage cube took much less time.

The desk is a piece of plywood on top of the side storage cubes. I've seen these kinds of desks before on HGTV type shows. They really are that easy to assemble and perfect for customizing what you want out of a desk. Here's the final result with plenty of storage options for my husband's cards! :)

Look how clean it is!

Bought these containers for spices but works perfectly in the office!

Another angle of the desk. Plenty of room for him!

Storage to spare!

Here's a side by side comparison to show the awesome transformation:

I couldn't be more pleased with the result of his desk and Ryan has even admitted that he likes having the extra space for his stuff. Apparently he felt claustrophobic as well, even though he would never admit it to me before! ;) One happy wife + one happy husband=one happy household!

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