Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Time to Get It in Gear

Let me preface this blog by stating that I know I have an unreasonable mentality when it comes to exercising. I cannot pinpoint the precise time it began, but it’s in full swing now…
That being said, I feel like I have really taken a step back in my exercise and eating habits. It’s truly unfortunate because now I feel very negative about myself. :( Don’t get me wrong, I am still exercising at least 5 days a week. But I’m not feeling challenged and most importantly I feel like I may be hitting a plateau in my weight loss goals and my fitness challenges. 
My eating habits haven’t been terrible, but I’ve made changes the last few weeks to correct a few things. I’m still following that regime which I’m excited about. However, I can only physically exercise so much more. I feel the effects on my body when I do too much; therefore, I need to find a new challenge or new program to work on.
My best friend has the P90X and every time I do the plyometrics video with her I sweat up a storm! I feel sore the following day which is something I don’t typically feel after my gym work-outs. So I’m considering purchasing that. I’m not sure though…it’s expensive ($140). However, Ryan and I’s gym membership is up in May and we may not be able to renew so an at home DVD set could be a great solution. Who knows…maybe he’d even do it with me? (Ha…yeah, right!)
And as I mentioned in my I need a break blog, I really wanted to do a full marathon. Unfortunately with my little break, I wasn’t able to train for the race in March but I started thinking…why do I need to pay money to run in this race? Yes, its great incentive and I’ll get a medal at the end to commemorate the run, but do I really need that? I have researched online other full marathons locally and there aren’t really any soon. So I’m thinking about setting a date, let’s say May 28th to run the marathon on my own! I’ve found a route that near my house, Indian River Road, and I’m seriously considering running it. I want to set out a calendar of runs that I need to complete, including the Dismal Swamp Half Marathon on April 16th. Given that there won’t be any pressure with an audience or other runners, I think I might feel better about running or walking the entire 26.2 miles! I’m really hoping I can accomplish this.

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