Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Treats

As I mentioned earlier this week, I was taking Super Bowl as an opportunity to create another cake pop! :) This time I made cake pop footballs. I got the idea from Bakerella and my friends were all too willing to be the guinea pigs! So here are a few photos of the process and of course, the delicious final result.

The strawberry cake crumbles

The handmade football shapes...don't hate! :)

Football pops successful! 

I have to state, for the second time I had difficulty dipping these cake pops. I'm not sure if it comes with practice or what, but I needed to take a break to get both sides fully covered. Even with that, they weren't smooth looking like those on Bakerella. That wasn't the only issue I encountered. The white piping pen that I was using decided to clog up! I could not get it out, so I had to Jerry-rig the the pen by cutting off a corner and manually pipe it. Luckily the yellow pen was nice and smooth. Worked beautifully which gave me inspiration at the end of a long baking event.

So those 'hiccups' really made for a long day of baking but it was well worth it! I think the final results look  handmade but still were too cute for words. At the party people are really enjoying the delicious cake pops. Makes it all worth it! :) Stay tuned for my next cake pop adventure. Ryan wants me to try orange cake with dark chocolate. YUM!!

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