Thursday, February 3, 2011

It’s Now an Obsession

I recently posted my first Cake Pop Adventures blog…. we’ll I’m at it again. I find myself looking for more ways to perfect my creation. I have already cleared it with “the boss” (aka Ryan) about doing more this weekend. He loves my lemon cake pop creations, so he’s happy to let me practice. Now I’m thinking of reasons to make them (can’t just have these sugary treats in my house all the time). My first thought, this weekend is SUPER BOWL!
We’re going to a friend’s house to celebrate this year, so I think I want to make football cake pops. I saw a few tips from this wonderful website, Bakerella, and I’m going to try my hand at making them this weekend. :)

Will pipe with Green Bay & Pittsburgh Steelers colors

I’m really very excited about it. When discussing cake options with Ryan, I mentioned my desire to try and mix things up. We thought a strawberry cake with chocolate coating would be delicious. I’m pretty pumped about trying them again this weekend; I’m thinking this could become my latest obsession. They could be my go-to treat/gift for holidays, birthdays, or random Wednesdays! LOL. As I mentioned in my Cake Pop Adventures post, I am yearning for an opportunity to be creative so this fits the bill. I will post pictures when I’ve completed my football treats.
In addition to these cake pops, told you I’m now becoming obsessed, I want to make cake balls (without the lollipop sticks). I figured if I made these to look like truffles I could do them as gifts for Valentine’s Day as well as my parent’s anniversary. I’m not typically a red velvet kind of person, but I think the spirit of Valentine’s Day would be terrific for the flavor. A delectable red cake for my Ry-bear! It’ll be a surprise because he doesn’t read my blog, so I’m excited to see how those turn out as well!
Goodness, with all of these sugary sweets around me I will definitely be ‘upping’ the amount I go to the gym!!

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