Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Is it Habit or Passion?

Lately I’ve not been as passionate about my faith and getting in the word. I pray every night, speak to God throughout the day (about everything not just because I need/want something) but I’m feeling that I’m doing this more out of practice versus being passionate about my relationships with Him. This concerns me.
Sometimes I get in these moods; I practice something so much (i.e. exercise) that I feel compelled to do it but not necessarily the desire. Does that make sense? I hate that my relationship has become stagnant! As a side effect, because I feel that it’s habitual rather than craving it, I’ve not been diligent about reading his word.  I think I need to shake things up a bit!
To get my butt in gear, I can think of a few things that will jump start my enthusiasm. First, we are mixing up our Power Hour group. This is an amazing group of girls who get together and discuss certain readings from the bible. We have been doing this (almost) every Thursday for the last year. We started as co-workers, but are now very close friends and have even kept the group sessions up through people leaving our company or moving to a new state (thank goodness for Skype)! :) We’re going to incorporate some study questions for our readings so we can discuss more in depth what each person gets out of the chapter/passage. Second, I’ve asked my dearest friend if I can borrow the book The Prodigal Son which she has shared a few excerpts with me.  I feel that reading this book will humble me as I mentioned before, I am having a relationship with God through practice and habit versus the true reason I should be…desire. Third, given that some things have shifted, I am now going to commit myself to visiting a church more regularly. Every time I go to the Crosscurrent Church in Virginia Beach, I enjoy their sermons. I want to make a stronger effort to attend regularly. 
I am hopeful that these changes will bring my spirit back up for 2011. This year is going to be a BIG year for me and I look forward to it all!

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