Friday, February 18, 2011

Dominion Enterprises Cutest Pet Contest

So the last two weeks DE has had a pet drive to help bring in donations for the Norfolk SPCA. They asked for various pet toys, food, maintenance supplies (for the facility), blankets, towels, cleaning supplies, etc. In conjunction with this drive was the DE Cutest Pet Contest.
Knowing how absolutely precious my little boy Bailey is, I have decided to enter him into the contest. Here are a few pictures I was choosing from:

These were handmade by Ryan's cousin Claire

Doing what he does best...napping!

Plz get away from me mommy, I'm trying to sleep!

He likes to have a tent made for him so he can snuggle up in the warmth!
Can you say SPOILED!! :)

With a face and personality like his, it was a really tough choice. But after some internal debate and inquiring from friends, I decided to submit the photo with him in a hat and scarf. Cross your fingers he wins, but if not he’ll still be #1 in my heart!!

Which photo would you have chosen??

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